- How to open / register travel agency / travel company in Dubai, UAE

How to open / register travel agency / travel company in Dubai, UAE

Dubai and all the Emirates of the UAE are actively developing as the attractive and recognized place for tourism. The number of tourists coming to the UAE from various countries is constantly increasing from year to year whereby the country has set the target to reach the mark of 20 million tourists per year by 2020.

In order to open / register the travel agency / company in Dubai, UAE, it requires execution of a number of requirements and regulations, as well, depending on the type of company, to receive the appropriate type of license which may be one of the following main types: travel company, travel agency, inbound travel operator, outbound travel operator.

The registration procedure of the travel company / agency in Dubai requires execution of the step-by-step procedure and fulfillment of various registration requirements within the company opening. Thus, in case of a fault in one of the stages, you may find yourself in a situation when you have almost passed all the registration stages of the licensing as the travel agency or company and would need to start all over again due to the fault at the beginning.

Some of our customers have asked us about the possibility to buy the travel agency / company in Dubai, UAE. In fact, by contacting us, you can purchase the company which would be registered especially in accordance with your specific requirements.

IMPORTANT NOTE : to register any type of travel agency / company in UAE  a number of different requirements are to be fulfilled.

See the main requirements below:

  • Any type of UAE travel agency must be at least 51% owned by UAE citizen. Such person can be provided for some certain yearly fee to be paid to such person.
  • Professional education of the company manager / director in the travel business area - in accordance with the requirements. Such education must be proven by legalized diploma.
  • Professional experience of company manager / director in the area for at least 3 to 5 years.
  • Clear and detailed company business plan.
  • Profession background of company shareholders / owners in the area is of advantage.
  • A number of various permissions and approvals are to be received in the course of company registration which requires time and results relatively high costs.
  • Company must lease a real office of at least 50 sq.m. per activity. For example, if travel agency is inbound and outbound – office shall be in total at least 100 sq.m.
  • Refundable security deposit in the form of a bank guarantee in the amount of AED 100.00,- per activity is to be provided to  the licensing authority.

To summarize the above – registering any type of travel agency / travel company in Dubai, UAE requires professional background and some certain financial resources. The total costs of such company for the first year including all licensing approvals, office lease, local partner, our professional fees and bank guarantee starts from at least AED  300.000,- and can be 2 to 3 times higher  – depending on the type and number of company activities  (travel agency, travel company, inbound, outbound) size of the required office, amount of the required bank guarantee, etc.

Our company has practical extensive experience of registering different types of companies in UAE including opening / registration of tourism companies / tour / travel agencies in Dubai, UAE.

If you need a travel company / agency in Dubai – contact us and we will provide its registration “key-ready” – including preparing all required application documents, receiving of all permits and approvals, and getting the final license which permits the operations of the chosen activity in the United Arab Emirates.