- Dubai Projects – the mega projects – the development does not stop.

Dubai Projects – the mega projects – the development does not stop.

Мега-проекты Дубая

Dubai and other Emirates of the UAE, despite the crisis affecting most of the countries in the world, continues previously scheduled plan of developing the country.

This year the country has officially announced and launched the following Dubai projects:

The project of extension of the water channel in Business Bay for 12.8 kilometers in length and 80 to 100 m in width, thereby increasing the overall length of the channel to 26.8 km, with the connection of existing channel with the sea. The budget of the project – around USD 400 million.  This Dubai project will become the additional point of attraction for residents and tourists of the city – along the new channel there would be the new pedestrian areas and restaurants, as well as floating hotels. The project also includes the construction of the new bridge on the Sheikh Zayed Road.

The project to build the copy of the Taj Mahal in Dubai. The complex, built as the replica of the famous Taj Mahal Palace will be significantly larger than its original. The total costs of this Dubai project  – about $ 1 billion. The complex will include a hotel, commercial buildings, shops, restaurants, etc. In accordance with the plans, completion is planned for 2014. Originally it was planned to build the complex earlier, but due to the crisis, its construction was temporarily postponed. The Taj Mahal complex will be part of the larger project which also includes the construction of other famous buildings of the world – the Eiffel Tower, Disneyland, etc.

Construction of the railway in the UAE, which will bring together all the Emirates, as well as  to connect the UAE with different countries of the region. Total project cost – 79 billion. Completion of the first phase whci is already the ongoing construction – in 2013. Then – in stages, with the completion of the project by 2018.

And that’s just part of the major Dubai projects, UAE ! Continued development of the new airport (the largest in the world), the large-scale construction of the new road network in the Emirate of Ras Al Khaimah, expanding the container terminal of the port Jebel Ali, etc.

UAE is the very favorable and lucrative platform for business development. In addition to these major Dubai projects, this country is also the place where there is also a variety of other businesses which are  run successfully.

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