- Flying hotel in the UAE

Flying hotel in the UAE

Flying hotel in the UAEThe United Arab Emirates, has long since assumed the role of the leader of the different incredible tourism projects. The world community is once again startled by another project that was successfully implemented in the Emirates. The matter concerns a completely new service in air transportation. The Etihad Airways company, the leader of the national air transportations, has launched the unique aircraft into the airspace.

Etihad Airways company's airliner hotel

The project was called «The Residence - VIP airliner A380». In fact, it is the luxurious hotel complex on the wings. The hotel area of the original aircraft comprises the apartments of both the luxurious first class and business class. The interior of the hotel rooms on the aircraft includes a separate bedroom, bathrooms, shower rooms and guest rooms. The rooms are equipped with TV, mini bar, refrigerator and even a shower.

The implementation of this project has become a first step towards the creation of the entirely new level of service of the international passenger traffic. According to the company engineers, the current first class is somewhat constrained and not very convenient for the reputable clients. Clients are served by a personal maître, which had been trained in the best hotels of Europe.

The new model of airbus A380s was used as the basis for creating the flying hotel complex. Besides, the company administration plans to expand this area of business, for the purpose of what it is planned to purchase nine more double-decker aircrafts.

The costs of a flight in a luxurious flying hotel depend on the destination of a flight. For example, a flight from the capital of the United Arab Emirates to London will cost for the wealthy passengers about 21 thousand dollars. It is noteworthy, that owing to the innovations, space for ordinary passengers will be also increased, by an average rate of 70%.

In addition to the luxurious innovations, a shared salon room and a sports bar with a widescreen TV broadcaster are also available on the board of the aircraft.

The high status of the aircraft and the right staff

Professional butlers were employed to work in this unique hotel project. More than a dozen of employees of the Etihad Airways company have undergone three weeks special training from the experts of the well-known in London Savoy Hotel. The training was held under the direct patronage of the School of tourism and hospitality at the Western University of London.

This group is the world's first crew of the air maître. The administration of the company is proud of this fact and tries to be the best in its business.