- Dubai Megalopolis – the best place to live

Dubai Megalopolis – the best place to live

Dubai Megalopolis – the best place to live

In recent years, the attention of the international mass media is turned to the phenomenal development of the Dubai megalopolis. This is especially noteworthy at times of the financial crises, which affect not only Europe, but also other developed countries. One can hear a variety of comments and opinions as to this matter, but all of them coincide on one fact: people throughout the world are eager to live and work in Dubai, the UAE.

In this article, we will try to clarify what is the secret of such attractiveness, and why millions of foreign citizens choose Dubai as a place to work and to live.

Attractive Dubai, what is the secret

The whole philosophy of the abovementioned assertions is based on the objective factors, among which there are:

  • Favourable year-round climatic conditions of the UAE;
  • Unlimited opportunities for carrying out entrepreneurial activities;
  • Maximal safety of residence;
  • Freedom in terms of religion and ethnic origin;
  • Modern infrastructure and a hectic social life;
  • Access to the international markets and duty-free trade;
  • High level of income and a soft tax environment.

If you have since long ago wanted to enjoy an impeccable service and a luxury - all this can be found in Dubai.

Foreign citizens consider Dubai as an opportunity to carry out employment or commercial activities within a framework of ethnic tolerance, where representatives of all nationalities and religious denominations work together. Foreigners come to Dubai in order to find a well-paid job and decent living conditions. It is not a secret that the UAE holds promises not only in the field of international investment projects, but also for rapid career growth and professional development.

Next we shall consider each component of the attractiveness of the Dubai megalopolis individually.


Every year analysts and international experts note the increase of minimum living standards in the United Arab Emirates and the Dubai megalopolis is not an exception. National economic growth rates exceed significantly the indicators of the largest states. First of all, we should note the high-quality products, goods from the world's best manufacturers and a world-class infrastructure. The choice of image depends on your preferences and wishes.

Climatic conditions

Climatic conditions of the Emirate of Dubai are very attractive for the citizens of the European countries. In fact, a temperature of 20-30 degrees Celsius remains within six months, and sunny days are 365 days a year. Despite the exhausting heat and hot climate in the summer, the UAE abounds places with air conditioning systems and oases in the midst of fragrant greenery.

A stable national economy

The economy of the Emirates, in terms of growth and stability, holds top positions in international rankings. Dubai is historically located on the crossroads of the trade routes from East to West and from Asia to Europe. The rapid development of transportation hubs and improvement of infrastructure have turned the UAE into a starting point for the development of international trade and private business in the most various industries.

Modern air and shipping terminals have provided the jurisdiction with a status of the region's largest transit and starting point that opens the way to any point of the globe. It is worth to note separately the specialized governmental projects of Dubai and other Emirates of the UAE – zones with a special economic status. Such zones are designed to meet the needs of private business and to provide a conducive environment for the development of international trade and transport logistics. These are ideal platforms for introduction of the advanced technologies and development of the sectional economy of the state.

The Government of the Emirate of Dubai is characterized by separation of the political trends and business. The entrepreneurs can rest assured and not to worry that the business will be under threat due to the political turmoils. Dubai is a megalopolis where every business idea can be turned into reality. This is owing to a loyal government policy and the protection of business interests at the legislative level. Tax-free conditions offer great opportunities not only for building a business, but also for conducting a highly paid work.

System of a state taxation

Everyone has an opportunity to take advantages of the tax-free life on the territory of the Emirate of Dubai. The government has completely eliminated the system of replenishment the State treasury by income and corporate taxes. A preferential tax regime is available for both businessmen and entrepreneurs, who are engaged in carrying on business, and ordinary employees. Moreover, the Government of the United Arab Emirates provides a number of advantages and opportunities in terms of investment activities for private business. Legal entities, which are registered in the specialized free trade zones, can count on customs and tax privileges.

Favourable location

From the geographical point of view, the Emirate of Dubai is located in a quite favourable place at the intersection of the interests of all countries and continents. The territory of the Emirate provides access to any point of the globe. It is worth noting that the residents of Dubai have no difficulties with opening a visa to the USA, Canada or Europe. The most modern air and shipping terminals, which ensure the effectiveness in terms of international logistics and promptness of any deliveries, are available for business.

Safety of residence

The Dubai megalopolis can be confidently attributed to the one of the safest places on the planet. A comparative statistical analysis of the major world cities shows that Dubai has an unbeatable advantage. Here one can safely go for a walk at any time, without any risk of becoming a victim of street thugs or robbers. Moreover, if you will accidentally leave your phone or laptop in a cafe, they will be laying there until you will return. Such a situation is due to the proper public policy of the United Arab Emirates, which provides for immediate deportation of offenders, and the inhabitants of the megalopolis are not ready to jeopardize their comfortable life and personal security.

Freedom of religion

Every citizen of the Emirate, regardless of his religious affiliation, has the right to the freedom of religion. Buddhists, Muslims, Christians and representatives of other religions live together in peace and run their own affairs. Here you will find many churches, prayer houses, mosques and temples. Moreover, almost all the religious holidays are celebrated on a large scale in the UAE.

Residents of Dubai can be either liberals or staunch conservatives. The main condition is to respect other religions and to refrain from actions that offend their dignity. Although Emirates is a Muslim country, everyone can live the way he wants and to practice his own religion.

Vast culture

Dubai has earned the recognition of international experts as a melting pot of different cultures and values.

The multicultural component of the UAE society has become the main characteristic of the progressive population in the Emirates. This approach enables you to derive maximum benefit and to broaden one own outlook. You will have an opportunity to meet representatives of the most different cultures and to overcome the most established stereotypes. As a result, you will become more flexible and adaptable to change. This applies equally to social life and to employment activities, where representatives of different cultures and states can work in one team.

Educational component

The Emirate of Dubai is ready to offer a wide range of educational institutions and international schools, which put into practice the most advanced educational systems for students. For the convenience of children, each school is equipped with its own bus fleet, thus reducing the need to chauffeur children to school and to pick them up from school.

It should be noted that many educational institutions, including the institutions of higher education, use American and British syllabuses. However, many educational institutions apply the systems equivalent to the educational programmes of Germany, France, etc. Your children will learn how to live in peace with people from different cultures and will gain a rich experience of communication.

Prestige and luxury

It is not a secret that the Dubai megalopolis has become the epitome of Arabian luxury and prestige. Shopping malls and hotel complexes, resort areas and parks, cafes and restaurants – everything is executed with love and style. A wide range of luxury entertainments and services, from ordering an executive car and ending with sea trips at luxury yachts is available for the guests of hotels.

Shopping complexes, markets and malls

The Emirate of Dubai is famous for decades for its shopping malls and luxurious complexes that comprise not only retail space, but also a variety of other entertainments and attractions. Dubai is the most preferred destination for shopaholics who come from all the corners of our planet. Rest assured that the local shopping malls will provide you only the high quality products.

Here you can buy almost any product: shoes and clothes from the eminent manufacturers, gold and jewelry, household items and culinary delights, souvenirs and much more.

Cafes, bars and restaurants

Fans of culinary tourism has long ago chosen Dubai for the annual holiday. Any catering establishment will serve the dishes, which can please the most demanding guests and gourmets. Numerous cafes and restaurants reflect the cultural component of the local population of the UAE. Here you will taste the cuisine of the most various countries and nations.

Many professional chefs have already mastered the market of the Emirate of Dubai and successfully open their own restaurants and food chains. Such places are in incredible demand. Thus, one should reserve a table in advance in order to visit them. It does not matter whether you will visit a cozy restaurant, or will have a dinner on the open sea on yacht's board – an unforgettable experience and a lot of fun are guaranteed for you.

Services sector and servicing

A high level of servicing in the various market segments has already become a hallmark of the Emirate of Dubai. Guests will be pleased with impeccable and high-quality servicing alongside with the modern infrastructure. It may be said that the population of the United Arab Emirates is pampered with servicing of international level.


In conclusion, we would like to mention the factors without which the residence even in the developed country will remain unattractive. In particular, we are talking about the hospitality and loyalty of the UAE population toward foreigners. Here, you can always count on support and assistance. In a word, the Dubai megalopolis thoroughly deserves the title of the best place on the planet.

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