- The US sanctions won’t affect the relations between Russia and UAE

The US sanctions won’t affect the relations between Russia and UAE

Residency visa in Dubai, UAE through a property purchase.The government of the United Arab Emirates declared, that the economic sanctions, imposed by the United States of America and EU countries on Russia, will not affect the trade and other business relations between UAE and Russia, said the minister of economy of UAE, Sultan Bin Said Al Mansuri in his interview to the news agency ITAR-TASS.

Previously, the leaders of G7 countries had informed about the possibility of new economic sanctions on Russia. This decision has been taken within the scope of the last countries leaders’ general meeting in Brussels. Besides, Brussels plans the expansion of the list of sanctions imposed on Russian businessmen, political activists and officials.

The economic sanctions from EU, Canada and USA, first and foremost, apply to the assets owned by Russian entrepreneurs included in the list.

The minister of economy of the United Arab Emirates said that the state policy of UAE complies with the international rights norms, stipulated by the United Nations Organization, which hasn’t imposed any sanctions.

He also noted that Russia currently undergoes many changes including economic ones. The Emirates are willing to participate in these changes, thus, facilitating and fostering balanced international relations.

Sultan Bin Said Al Mansuri will be with an official visit to the city of Kazan this summer. The UAE delegation takes part in the economic summit of Russian Federation and countries of Islamic Organization. By the end of the summit, the minister plans to visit Moscow, where talks with business representatives and the minister of economic development of Russia A. Ulyukaev will be held.

The above once again reassures that UAE is stable and attractive in terms of business and investments and highlights the UAE unbiased and mutually favorable relations with all countries of the world.