- Dubai - new record of the hotel sector

Dubai - new record of the hotel sector

Dubai - new record of the hotel sectorThe hotel sector of the Emirate of Dubai in the UAE is holding leading position in the international arena in terms of the number of overseas tourists and visitors in the first half of the year. So, for the past six months the number of tourists staying in local hotels has exceeded 5.8 million people.

Major markets included in the top ten leading countries in terms of tourists are Saudi Arabia, UK, Germany, China, India, Kuwait, Oman, Iraq and the United States.

As representatives of the Ministry of Tourism of the United Arab Emirates stated during official briefing, the strategy is to position the Emirate of Dubai as the most visited place in the world and rapidly growing tourist destination. Diversification of existing tourist offers and expansion of the hotel sector of the Emirate is performed annually. All our actions are designated to ensure conditions that meet the requirements of a wide range of overseas guests and tourists. They also point out that modernization of Dubai airport and, as a result, temporary reduction in number of international flights, has not entailed problems related to increase of tourists flow.

Dubai - ideal place for both leisure and business negotiations

International experts point out that tourism sector of the economy of Dubai is actively developing and is ready to offer foreign visitors a large variety of modern tourist services. Dubai authorities contribute to promotion of the image of the most popular resort for beach holiday and business meetings.

Indicators fully comply with stated plans and strategies. If to consider the strategy of development of the Emirate of Dubai by 2020, one can clearly say that the Emirate's tourism sector is developing according to the plan. So, along with increased number of foreign visitors who have visited the country, the number of hotel rooms and accommodation spaces is growing in proportion. Over the past year, this figure has added thereto more than 7,000 units of hotel apartments and hotel rooms.

According to the results of current year, total number of rooms of the Emirate Dubai has exceeded 88,000 hotel rooms, i.e. around 635 hotels.

Such success in hotel sector of the Emirate of Dubai is due to a number of objective factors. Among these factors we can particularly point out a fairly high level of comfort and safety, which is manifested in almost everything. This includes convenient transportation infrastructure, such as air and international harbors, excellent beach infrastructure and wide range of entertainment options, unlimited opportunities for active marine recreation and exotic traveling.

We should also mention international festivals and events that attract numerous visitors and tourists to the country. In recent years the sales and other promotion activities have become very popular. The guests have a chance to get valuable gifts and prizes.

The Emirate Dubai in the UAE remains the most attractive destination in the world due to its comfortable, safe, and most important, good conditions for vacation for both individual travelers and for family holidays.