- Dubai - perspective of growth by 2020

Dubai - perspective of growth by 2020

Dubai - perspective of growth by 2020Dubai is said to become a new city by 2020. The current achievement in construction leaves everyone in awe due to a sheer scale of what has been done so far, bearing in mind that it was nothing but sand not that long ago.

From the recent projects there are 35 construction projects already in developments featuring Dubai Canal, new metro lines and extension of the newly set in operation tram line. The Road and Traffic Authority will introduce 40 new trams in the next couple of years and expand existing road and bus networks. There are 2800 companies and organizations from all over the world which contribute to this major undertaking.

His Highness Sheikh Mohammad bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, has contributed staggering 74 billion dirhams to the transport infrastructure in Dubai since 2004. The new infrastructure will feature various electronic services and applications on mobile devices allowing for flawless system utilization and tickets booking.

The main public transportation development will be the extension of the Metro Red Line and construction of all adjacent junctions and diversions leading to the site of Expo. Moreover, the extension of bus network will take place connecting 17 new neighborhoods.

Currently, Dubai has the longest driverless rail network in the world with 47 stops and stretching for 75km. Dubai’s road map has been expanded from 8,7 thousand km to 12,5 thousand km in just 8 years. The first stage of the newly built tram network stretches for 10.7 km, whereby stage 2 and 3 are currently being developed.

By and large, the total value of construction deals sealed in UAE in 2013 is estimated at around 30 billion dollars and grew to 35 billion in 2014.

The continuous development of infrastructure of Dubai is the guarantee fort he further successful development of its economy and provision of high level of comfort for its residents.