- French win Hyperloop competition – transport in UAE with 1,200km/h

French win Hyperloop competition – transport in UAE with 1,200km/h

French win Hyperloop competition – transport in UAE with 1,200km/h

The United Arab Emirates does not stop astonishing world with its trailblazing futuristic projects.

Living in the age of superfast technologies requires a new approach to all the life segments starting from the everyday routine and up to the most advanced innovations.

The UAE has announced the future implementation of the Hyperloop project. Recently the 48-hour Build Earth Live 2016 competition has been held in the Emirates to choose the best concept of a subsonic propulsion tube. The projects were presented by 67 professional teams from 26 countries.

All the projects were evaluated based on the various aspects. The panel paid much attention to such significant indicators as technical efficiency, sustainability, safety, security and economic viability.

The first prize was given to a French team Möbius (SYSTRA international engineering and consulting group). This project met all the above-mentioned requirements including “form, fit and function”.

The company has offered a comprehensive plan of a parallel Hyperloop system with the total length of 127-kilometres. The maximum speed of the system will reach 1200 km/h.

This project is designed to reduce the time of passengers and freight transportation. Thus, it will take only 10 minutes to move passengers and cargo from Dubai to Fujairah.

The project of the Möbius team includes the creation of two stations with spacious halls and the entire necessary infrastructure. The Hyperloop system project will meet all the highest international standards in the sphere of passengers and freight transportation

Passenger and cargo capsules will travel in special tubes with a controlled environment. Riding in a reduced-pressure environment will allow less resistance and practically no friction.

It is planned that the Hyperloop tube will be equipped with solar panels. Therefore, the propulsion systems of induction motors and air compressors will be powered by solar energy. It will make this system environmental-friendly.

The Hyperloop project was developed in full compliance with two most important requirements: safety and security. It will allow all the passengers to feel confident while using this new means of transport.

Nowadays we live in a world of fast things. The ultimate purpose of the technological progress is making our life easier. Almost all the inventions are designed to facilitate our daily routine, and the Hyperloop system project is not an exception.

The high technology project meets all the requirements of the modern hurrying society. There is no doubt that implementation of this project will become a turning point in the world’s transportation sector.