- Airport expansion project in Dubai has been approved

Airport expansion project in Dubai has been approved

Airport expansion project in Dubai has been approved

Official authorities of the United Arab Emirates have approved another ambitious project involving expansion of international airport terminal in Dubai. This is one of the largest investment projects in the UAE. Total value of estimated costs has exceeded 32 billion US dollars.

Extension of the airport will be implemented within particular stages. According to the reports of the UAE government, the main objective of modernization of air hub is to create more than 200 thousand new jobs and significantly increase airport capacity.

Dubai Airport - first stage of modernization

It is expected that the first stage of expansion project will be implemented within seven years, and involves construction of new office buildings - two passenger lounges and construction of two new runways. In case of successful implementation of planned projects, Dubai airport will increase its transfer capacity up to 120 million people each year.

Second stage of expansion

Second stage includes construction of five additional runways, relevant infrastructure and administrative buildings. Upon completion of the project the total capacity of the Dubai airport will exceed 200 million people annually. Consequently, the airport in Dubai will remain the busiest and largest international airport in the Gulf countries.

Dubai Airport - official data

International Airline Hub of Dubai is located in the historic district of the metropolis in the south-east from the center. It is worth noting that the airport was already modernized in 2001. The costs of initial project exceeded 5 billion US dollars. As a result, the airport has been extended to include passenger and cargo terminals, spacious halls and exhibition center, sectors for maintenance and repair of all international air classes and categories, including flagship aircraft Airbus A380. Modern Dubai Airport is a large terminal with integrated infrastructure that meets all international standards.

Today air hub in Dubai has leading position in international ratings in terms of passenger and freight handling. We should also note that Dubai airport is one of five international airports with the highest international passenger traffic.

Main airline company that manages the airport is national company Emirates Airlines. According to international experts Dubai airport is the largest continental hub in the Middle East. Moreover, the terminal is of great interest as important hub for many international air carriers.

The need to expand the airport has been triggered by growing demand and increasing international air traffic. Average annual increase in passenger and cargo air transportation is more than 10%. Convenient geographic location transformed Dubai into efficient transportation hub between Europe and Asia, USA and Australia, Africa and India.

Modernization and expansion has affected all sectors, respectively, resulting in creation of new jobs, attraction of investment and further economic growth of the economy.