- Dubai - the ideal place for business with China

Dubai - the ideal place for business with China

Dubai - the ideal place for business with China

The size of the various trade operations with China increases steadily from year to year. At the same time, the volume of goods, which are delivered to the United Arab Emirates as the import and for re-export, forms a significant percentage of the total imports of the country. In fact, the volume of the goods turnover of the UAE with China is one of the largest and is on the second place after the trade of the United Arab Emirates with India.

At the same time one should pay special attention to the huge amount of re-export operations, which pass through Dubai. As a matter of fact, the main quantity of goods, which are imported to the Dubai from China and other countries, is sent to other countries using the UAE as the transit and re-export centre.

The evident benefits, which are offered by the Emirates, are the reasons for such popularity of Dubai among the representatives of the most diverse business from different countries of the world. The main advantages are:

  • Ability to register the company without any limitations, and which may be fully owned by a foreign citizen;
  • The time required for company registration is just from 2 days!
  • Bank accounts in the UAE can be open quickly, and the banks offer all the necessary services for all the types of business, including trading;
  • No taxes: trading, export and re-export companies which are registered in the UAE are completely exempted from taxes;
  • The reliable laws and the absence of restrictions on the imports of the capital and its export, and the transfer of the profits abroad;
  • Duty-free import and export of the goods: import and export of any commodities, through the Free Economic Zones in the UAE are fully exempted from customs duties;
  • Large logistic facilities: sea and air. The ports and airports of the UAE, as the world's leading in terms of the volumes transferred, offer all kinds of the logistics services for any objective;
  • Convenient location, which allows you to plan the logistics flows effectively and cost-effectively;
  • Safety and comfort for residence: if you come to the UAE on the issues of business or on the personal matters – you are provided with the entire necessary infrastructure for work and residence under the very high level of security in the country.

The advantages of trade with China via the United Arab Emirates are used both by the businessmen from the different countries, who purchase goods in China, and directly by the businessmen from China itself.

In the first case, for purchasing goods from China, Dubai is the ideal transition center combined with the possibility of significant tax optimization. Besides, the logistics component itself has a huge role, as Dubai has all the necessary facilities for trade, storage of goods and putting together the effective logistic routes.

For the representatives of the Chinese business Dubai is the profitable platform for export to the other countries. In fact, Dubai is an alternative to Hong Kong which, especially in recent times, has become less practical to use for re-export from China, because of the difficulties with the opening the companies and accounts in the banks there.

Besides, in the both cases, for the Chinese business or for the international business, which works with China, Dubai is also the transparent and reliable place for inspection of the quality of the supplied goods and change of goods ownership with the effective and safe payment over the banks in the UAE.

Dubai is the ideal place for the international trade operations. The main reasons are enumerated above. The undeniable proof of it is the fact that a huge number of businessmen from the different countries operate via Dubai and their number is growing from year to year.

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