- Why Dubai is the best place to live

Why Dubai is the best place to live

Why Dubai is the best place to live

It is typical of human nature to look for the most comfortable place to live. Unfortunately, one can hardly find ideal place. Therefore, it is much more reasonable to find a country that meets such requirements to maximum possible extend. Let’s consider Dubai as an option. Please find below the analysis of why Dubai is the best place to live.

Latest economic crisis that has swept across the world, was caused by global changes in the balance of political and economic priorities. As a result new life has been  breathed into promotion of tax friendly jurisdictions.

Recent events, that affected Europe, resulted in growth of unemployment rate, increase of tax burden, shutdowns of plants and bankruptcy of many firms, as consequences of the economic crisis. Nowadays, European countries are struggling to increase tax payments in order to resolve such situation. However, this leads to an outflow of financial assets and investments from such countries. Currently more and more financial assets are transferred to the UAE, due to high level of stability and security of deposits offered. Friendly business climate in Dubai creates great conditions for business growth and life.

Please find below the description of some advantages of the UAE, explaining why Dubai is the best place to live:

  • 0 % unemployment rate;
  • Tax free status and preferential rates on customs and tax charges;
  • Rapid development of business in all market segments;
  • Construction of new residential properties and relatively reasonable and affordable cost thereof;
  • Excellent climate conditions and mild winter;
  • Modern integrated infrastructure.

Another important factor is good investment climate of the UAE. Active development of infrastructure, tax free status, security of invested capital make it possible not only to maintain, but also greatly increase the value of your capital. Currently, popularity of Dubai as the best places for residence is confirmed by continuously increasing number of people coming here.

Modern Dubai comprises luxury hotel complexes, restaurants, spas, shopping centers, sports and entertainment facilities, golf courses, horse racing, luxury yachts, motor racings, air shows and respectable clubs, international exhibitions and music shows. All the aforesaid proves the status of Dubai as the best place to live.

Construction of unique buildings in Dubai is booming today. Currently, thousands of tourists are arriving from all over the world to see the truly unique and grandiose buildings in Dubai. The phenomenon of success of local real property market is being investigated by researches and economists from all over the world. Incredible construction projects implemented within short period of time have attracted billions of dollars of investments into the country and resulted in unprecedented income and steady growth of real estate prices and, therefore, all this requires definite consideration.

Modern businessmen and investors are ready to act, and are actively exploring opportunities of the United Arab Emirates for establishment and promotion of business. Growing number of investors from around the world are prepared to use this country as the platform for investments in the region and abroad. What is the main reason why Dubai is the best place for residence? Definition and selection of one aspect is not the best option. Ultimately, friendly climate of the country is achieved by a number of important factors.

Nowadays, Dubai has the reputation in the world stage of the region, where any dreams can come true. Dubai today is fully associated with high standard of life, and rapid development of the market. Other aspects that are worth mentioning include tax free status, no customs duties, excellent investment climate, modern infrastructure that meets all modern requirements, high rate of return on business projects. All mentioned above explains why Dubai is the best place to live, and why more and more foreign investors are interested in living and working in this country.

Each regulation or ordinance, enacted by the local authorities, is primarily designated for protection of rights of residents and businessmen working in the region. Each action of authorities supports initially selected course for active economic development. This policy of authorities ensures confidence and sense of security among residents with respect to them and their financial assets.

The attitude of local authorities to foreign nationals is well known, primarily, it includes high level of loyalty. Nowadays, Dubai has attracted millions of people with different qualifications and professions from around the world. Tax free status for individuals working in the UAE makes it even more attractive. Foreign experts are subject to compulsory health insurance, and are provided with accommodation, and various additional incentives.

In summary, it should be stated that Dubai is the best place to live due to its well-developed infrastructure, that creates the best conditions for any business, modern communications, high level of education and healthcare services. Dubai is of great interest for people of any nationality, due to its stability and protection of financial capitals, good prospects and tax benefits.