- Airport of Dubai would by the world busiest by 2020

Airport of Dubai would by the world busiest by 2020

Airport of Dubai would by the world busiest by 2020

The United Arab Emirates has the well-developed air transportation system. As of today, the Dubai International Airport (IATA: DXB, ICAO: OMDB) is the world’s busiest airport. At the same time, passenger influx grows every year. In fact, the number of passengers doubles every four years.

The Dubai Airport has serviced 78 million passengers in 2015 and 83 million in 2016. The expected number of passengers in 2017 is 90 million. These figures will grow significantly by 2020.

When analysing these indicators, it is necessary to remember that the airport had only a small sand runway and a tumbledown shed when being opened in 1960. Actually, it served just as a refuelling stop for small international airlines.

Everything has changed after laying asphalt on the runway. The airport continuously increased its capacity and infrastructure. The airport had eventually become the international one. Since the early 2000s the Dubai International Airport has been developing into the world’s major one and has got this status in the year 2014.

Today, the airport is the world’s fastest growing international hub, which is likely to outdo all the other airports in the most various aspects. It can handle different aircraft of all sizes.

Shortly, the Dubai International Airport will undergo another phase of its renovation and expansion in line with preparing for Dubai Expo 2020.

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