- Growth of the cruise tourism in Dubai, the UAE and simplification of the visa processing

Growth of the cruise tourism in Dubai, the UAE and simplification of the visa processing

Growth of the cruise tourism in Dubai, the UAE and simplification of the visa processing

The Government of the United Arab Emirates does not spare investments for the development of the tourism industry, and for providing foreign guests with the maximum safety and comfort. The state policy, which is aimed at the development and expansion of the tourism potential, is successfully implemented from year to year. State initiative extends to almost all areas of the industry. The following state actions can serve as the striking example:

  • Active expansion of the aviation and maritime terminals;
  • Organization of annual international festivals and events;
  • Provision of the ideal conditions for a family holiday;
  • Promotion of the state in the international arena and creating a positive image;
  • Increasing of the investment flow into the tourism industry.

Private business and the state: mutually beneficial partnership

If to analyze the situation overall, it can be noted that the rapid development of the tourism industry became possible owing to the collaboration of private businesses and government agencies. Joint work is carried out in all the directions and affects many aspects of the industry, first of all, these are:

  • Construction of new tourist and entertainment establishments;
  • Increasing of the existing hotel fund;
  • Development and improvement of the international transport hubs and etc.

Implementation of the joint large-scale project "See you in Dubai" can be the leading example. This project is implemented jointly by the Dubai's Department of tourism and the national air carrier – company “Emirates”. The main goal of the project is the attraction of the large number of foreign guests and tourists from all around the world into the Emirates.

According to the preliminary estimates, the implementation of the project will help to increase the inflow of foreign guests at about 20% this season. The Emirates authorities are assured that the current cruise season will be very busy for the country and industry in particular. In order to cope with the growing volumes, they plan to launch a new cruise terminal in Dubai, and to implement the practical side of the program, which simplifies the procedure of obtaining cruise visas for the Emirates.

The actions, which are taken by the state, should ensure the realization of the main objective, and namely to transform the United Arab Emirates into the most attractive tourist destination, including the developing of the sea cruise tourism.

New visa system as a tool for stimulation

The new system of visa processing is applied on the territory of the Emirates. Changes in the procedure of processing affected the following aspects:

  • The cost of visa processing is reduced;
  • New types of multi-entry visas were introduced (for cruise vacation and people who come to the UAE for medical treatment).

The government of the Emirate of Dubai plans to stimulate increase significantly the inflow of the foreign visitors, including over the simplified visa processing. For example, multi-entry visas are very convenient for those who make voyages and plan to make numerous stops within the cruise. Such an approach allows to minimize the expenses of passengers and to ensure the development of the cruise industry.

Comfortable holidays in the UAE and the development of the cruise industry

  • The United Arab Emirates occupies a praiseworthy place in the international cruise routes owing to the active development of the cruise industry. More and more cruise liners of the "Luxury" category arrive into the United Arab Emirates. These include routes that are very popular among the foreign tourists. In particular:
  • Eight-day cruises in the waters of the Persian Gulf with departure from the capital of the Emirates. Cruise liner visits Oman, Bahrain and Fujairah;
  • Cruises to the South from the Mediterranean Sea to the capital of the Emirates. Cruise liner makes stops in Italy, Egypt, Jordan, Oman and etc.

According to the leadership of the Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing of Dubai, a lot of companies, which are engaged in the cruise industry, appeal to them. Each of them is directly interested in the inclusion of the United Arab Emirates in their routes. Such popularity of the cruise destination can ensure the growth in the industry for not less than 30%.

The United Arab Emirates was long ago recognized as a true tourist pearl of the Persian Gulf. Taking into account the considerable efforts of private business and public authorities in the development of the cruise vacation in the Emirates, it may safely be said, that cruises will become a great addition to the multifaceted and truly exciting vacation in the UAE, attracting more and more visitors and tourists from all over the world.