- La Perle - the first aqua-show permanently based in Dubai.

La Perle - the first aqua-show permanently based in Dubai.

La Perle - the first aqua-show permanently based in Dubai.

Next year in Dubai the first local permanent art show with the participation of international aerialists and dancers will be launched.

The world-wide known Belgian - Italian artistic director Franco Dragone created La Perle, a water themed show that will be located at Habtoor City. La Perle will have more than 450 shows a year in a contemporary theatre which has 1,300 seats.

70 dedicated operators will support the  show with aerial and water daredevil stuns at La Perle aqua-show, encouraged by customs of Arabia and the Dubai city’s modernity. Here you can find the “aqua-stage”, filled with million liters of water and   equipped with hydraulic lifts.

A custom-built playhouse. 65 artists with the support of 70 specialized assistants show numerous aqua and aquatic aerial performances. 2.5 million liters of water.  More than 450 shows per year in a tailor-made state-of-the-art aqua-theatre in Dubai.

There is a giant pool furnished with a diversity of fountains and hydraulic lifts that change the ‘aqua-stage’ from a dry platform to an aquatic platform, and vice versa.

Do you want to know what La Perle aqua-show involves?  You can expect performers flying over the audience on powerful winches, and also diving into the platform, filled with water, from heights of 35 meters.

Artistic Director and Founder of Dragone, Franco Dragone said that new water show would be the most technically cutting-edge and awe-inspiring theatre performance he had ever directed and created. Original and unique for the area with the best creative team of the world and incredible artists, La Perle water show was inspired by the spirit of Dubai and would reflect the beauty and flavors of Arabia. La Perle would be the soul of Al Habtoor City.

Here are some fabulous stats about the performance:

  • The speed of each dive will be about 85 - 100 kilometers per hour.
  • Performers will dive into the aqua-stage from a height of 35 meters.
  • The water of aqua-stage is enough to fill an Olympic pool.
  • Performers will fly from a 60-tonnned tower. That is the weight of a Boeing 737.
  • During each show, performers will at one point experience more G-force than an astronaut at take off.

 The costs of the La Perle water show are arround $120m and Dubai will be the single place where this show will be performed.  Tickets for the aqua -show will cost you about Dhs 400-700. Most of the spectators will be tourists and families. This show will turn Dubai into a cultural place and this show is the place which each person must visit.