- Dubai is a new maritime tourism center in the region

Dubai is a new maritime tourism center in the region

Dubai is a new maritime tourism center in the region

The UAE is known to be a recognized tourist center not only in the GCC region but also around the world, and maritime tourism is an essential component of the local market. The country has a rich seagoing history, which goes back at the time when Dubai was a small fishing town. Today the UAE is the second largest passenger logistics spot in the region. There are 20 large cruise liners and over 10,000 small pleasure boats constantly traveling from Dubai to Abu Dhabi and Fujairah. The local government is relying on tourism, and in particular on maritime tourism, which is expected to become one of the leading sources of income for the Dubai economy by 2030.

Modern equipment for yachting, a powerful infrastructure for sea tourism and the growing demand for boats thanks to a successful advertising campaign, gradually push Dubai to the leading positions in the field of maritime tourism in the world. Dubai's status as a center for major international events also has a significant impact on the maritime tourism market, millions of visitors come here annually, wishing to spend their holiday in the Persian Gulf.

There is a number of infrastructure projects at various stages of implementation, the construction of berths and docks for yachts, which will increase the role of the UAE in the field of seafaring and strengthen the country's position as the leading center for maritime tourism. The increase in the number of ports and marinas for yachts has created an opportunity for developers to demonstrate the unique properties of the coastline for owners of houses that already have or are interested in owning a boat. New developments bring the sea potential of the region to a new level.