- Four New Exhibitions in the Louvre of Abu Dhabi in 2019-2020

Four New Exhibitions in the Louvre of Abu Dhabi in 2019-2020

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The new season of 2019-2020 starts in September this year in the Louvre Abu Dhabi. In the new season, it is planned to hold four thematic exhibitions, which will be devoted to the acceptance of art and its influence on the course of human history. Live performances will be held; proper installations will be established; music will be organized, poetry readings, and family events will also take place here.

Announced exhibitions to be held in the Louvre Abu Dhabi in 2019/20:

  • "Tryst in Paris." The exhibition will feature works of Picasso and Chagall, as well as Modigliani and other famous painters for the period from 1900 to 1939. The show will be held from September 18, 2019, to December 7, 2019. It will open to visitors the city of Paris in the turbulent twenties of the 20th century, a bohemian world for artists from all over Europe. Paris of the early 20th century is the place where talented artists of that time could truly discover their talent. The exhibition will feature over 80 works, including the masterpieces of Pablo Picasso, Juan Gris, Amedeo Modigliani, Sonia Delaunay, Marc Chagall, Giorgio De Chirico, Tamara de Lempicka, and others. The show is supported by the Center Georges Pompidou and the Agency France-Muséums.
  • “10,000 years of luxury” is an innovative exhibition to be held in the Louvre in Abu Dhabi from October 30, 2019, to February 15, 2020. The primary purpose of this event is to show the history of the luxury of humanity. The exhibition will feature over 350 unusual luxury items from the fashion industry, jewelry, art, and furniture. You will be shown various ways of interpreting luxury in different cultures throughout the history of humanity: from the prehistoric era to items of golden furniture from the collection of the royal family, as well as products of famous 21st-century couturiers.
  • "The Art of Chivalry." The exhibition will be held from February 19, 2020, to May 30, 2020). It is dedicated to the history of knighthood in the western and eastern countries and the links between them. How did the well-known techniques and tactics of battle, the code of the knight and his values leed to the emergence of a separate social class, and how did this affect the culture of the Medieval East and the Christian West? You can learn about it at the “The Art of Chivalry” exhibition. The Cluny Museum - the French National Museum of the Middle Ages, as well as the France-Muséums Agency are also among the organizers besides the Louvre in Abu Dhabi.
  • "Charlie Chaplin: meeting of art and cinema." The exhibition will be held from April 15, 2020, to July 11, 2020. Do you know that there is a definite connection between the works of art of avant-garde artists of the early 20th century and Charlie Chaplin’s films of that time? The exhibition will help you to look at familiar things in a new way, from a new angle. The show will feature over 100 drawings, photographs, sculptures, and paintings, as well as scenes from Charlie Chaplin’s films and archival data of that time. The show will be supported by the Agency France-Muséums and the Museum of Fine Arts of Nantes.

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