- Another stunning project in Dubai

Another stunning project in Dubai

Another stunning project in Dubai

Unprecedented construction of amusement park is underway in  Dubai, the United Arab Emirates. New state-of-the-art and large-scale amusement park will be opened just in one year in the Emirate of Dubai. Official mass media has reported that the project has been supported by high-ranking officials of the United Arab Emirates, and by the Government. The project is designed to establish entertainment zone for diverse recreation of residents and visitors of the Emirate.

The budget for construction of the innovative theme park in Dubai has exceeded 10 billion dirhams, and the project has been acknowledged by international experts as one of the most ambitious in 2015. Development of project documentation is carried out by the largest Meraas holding in the region. The plan proposes creation of additional entertainment facilities in the Jebel Ali area.

Unique idea of ambitious designers

New entertainment center constitutes a complex consisting of five different theme parks. The designers thereof have been inspired by popular films, characters and heroes of classics books. Different themed designs allow each visitor to find something interesting for himself and to enjoy time.

Dubai Adventure Studios - Adventure Workshops in Dubai

This theme park has been announced by designers of Meraas holding, as global entertainment project stemming from famous Hollywood brands. The Park is intended to provide wide range of exciting and fascinating attractions for children and adults.

Bollywood Parks

The second theme park has embraced the best  works of Indian filmmakers. The appeal and originality of Indian cinema has been expressed here. In fact, the designers of the holding have entered into a number of contracts with leading Indian filmmakers. Indian colleagues are expected to ensure implementation of entertainment and thematic elements. The most important entertainment event in Dubai includes Broadway musical on the territory of Bollywood Parks.

Aquarium and water park

This entertainment zone reveals completely different aspect of tourist vacation and makes family vacation abroad a real holiday that will be remembered for years to come. Another thrilling experience for kids includes different water amusement rides and discovery of underwater inhabitants of the oceanarium. Different water rides and aquatic shows will be interesting for both kids and adults.

Kids park zone

The uniqueness of this entertainment zone is accounted for special space securing maximum safety for kids of preschool age and toddlers. Ideal playgrounds and professional staff are at your disposal here. Unique attractions for your kids and availability of professional animators.

Safari Park

Those who are looking for thrilling experience and adventure can take part in exciting desert safaris. You are going to spend the night under the stars and engage in fascinating and mysterious journey in the desert. You will be accompanied by the best specialists, and the most advanced technical appliances will be at your disposal.

Five different entertainment zones will be consolidated into single shopping area that will include most posh restaurants, boutiques and retail stores. Such design constitutes project concept, symbolizing traditional Dubai lifestyle. First individual projects of new parkland will be available to visitors in the nearest future.


Innovative entertainment park will include a unique system for popular leisure time activities. Themed hotels, unique modern amusement facilities, restaurants and shopping centers will be great supplement to magnificent constellation of tourism projects in the United Arab Emirates.

International experts acknowledge that successful implementation of the project will secure the reputation of the Emirate of Dubai as the center of leisure and tourism sector of the economy for years to come. This directly affects investment climate and enhances economic growth.