- The UAE in search of alternative energy

The UAE in search of alternative energy

The UAE in search of alternative energy

The national economy of the United Arab Emirates owes its rapid development to the correct government policy on diversification and a shift away from hydrocarbon exports. The Government of the Emirates, due to its aspiration for getting rid of oil dependence, has taken active measures for the development of the other sectors of the economy and search for alternative energy sources. Therefore, the power systems, which allow using the solar energy, are widely spread in the UAE. The government of the United Arab Emirates has already announced a twofold increase in the production of special solar panels in Dubai.

State initiative as the key to success

Since March of this year, an ambitious and large-scale project was launched in Dubai. In particular, construction of a special plant, that will provide processing and supply of solar energy. has started. Official representatives of the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority have reported that the project power of the plant will be doubled and will reach 200 Megawatts. Such a capacity of the enterprise is able to provide of about 2 million separate buildings with electric supply. The total area, which is allotted for the construction of the plant, is more than four square kilometers, and the project is planned until 2017.

The international financial analysts and experts have already recognized that in the case of successful implementation of this project, the national alternative power engineering of the United Arab Emirates will become very attractive to the potential investors from all over the world. Besides, the experts emphasize the possible rise in prices for carbon energy sources in the short-term outlook, what plays positive role for the industry and will provide an additional impulse to the development. The Government of the United Arab Emirates plans to increase significantly capacities for the production and processing of the renewable energy sources. Due to the increase of the capacities the Emirates will get the significant advantage on the international market of alternative energy sources in the coming years.

The Solar Park – a cluster of alternative power energy source

In the long-term outlook, the whole complex, which will unite and coordinate the work of several enterprises that produce solar energy, will be created on the territory of the United Arab Emirates. According to the preliminary calculations, the total nominal capacity of the Solar Park will be about 1 thousand Megawatts. The experts suggest that by 2030 the panels of solar energy will generate up to 5% of the total national energy demand.

It should be noted that today specialized factories and enterprises, that produce solar energy, operate already on the territory of the Emirates. These are the solar plant in Ras al-Khaimah (nominal power up to 40 Megawatts), photovoltaic plant in Dubai (nominal power up to 13 Megawatts) and the solar power station in Abu Dhabi (nominal power up to 40 Megawatts).

Alternative power generation in action

The largest international hotel chain InterContinental Hotels Group has announced the launch of a new project in the territory of the Emirates. In particular, the construction of a hotel complex, which will be supplied with solar energy is planned.

The hotel complex Indigo, which consists of 170 rooms, will be constructed in new residential areas of the Dubai megalopolis. According to the organizers, the complex will become a model of using the alternative energy sources and environmental clearness. The total nominal power of the solar panels for the complex is about 10 Megawatts. In addition to its own power supplying, the hotel complex will provide neighboring residential houses with electricity.