- A record number of companies registered in Dubai in January 2018

A record number of companies registered in Dubai in January 2018

A record number of companies registered in Dubai in January 2018

More than 1,500 new companies were registered in Dubai in January 2018. This is the official statistics of the Licensing Agency. These figures are for Dubai only and do not take into account the number of new companies established in other Emirates. In general, during January, more than 23,000 applications for registration or renewal of licenses were processed. Mainly, these are commercial licenses – 58%, the second place, 39% take professional licenses. And about one percent of licenses issued in January 2018 are a tourist or-or special licenses.

As for the nationality and origin of investors, it was mainly Indians, Pakistanis, Egyptians, British, Russians, Kazakhs, Europeans, and Chinese. Data provided by the Department of Economic Development of Dubai. The Department closely monitors the work of the business sector and makes reports. The realities of Dubai's new economic life confirm that the UAE has become a real financial and business center in the region.

The statistics provided gives us an idea of which licenses are distributed and which categories are the most demanded. Dubai's attractiveness as a business center is growing all the time. The Emirate's authorities are doing everything possible to make the process of doing business in the country as steady and safe as possible. Dubai is an excellent competitive environment for entrepreneurs from all over the world and gives an opportunity to enter the international market.

Dubai is a guarantee of permanent and sustainable growth of your business. As for the types of companies registered in Dubai in 2018, it is, first of all, consulting companies and enterprises, carrying on trading and offering their services. They are still leaders. Also, top five most popular activities include the sale of real estate and its lease.

The UAE is not just one of the most diversified economies in the world. This is also the very competitive environment. The government of Dubai in particular and the UAE, in general, is keen to create the most optimal conditions for doing business. Their goal is a comfortable and reliable business climate in the country. The policy of the state justifies itself. The growth of the number of registered companies in Dubai is a vivid confirmation of this.