- Dubai – the world capital of major international events

Dubai – the world capital of major international events

Dubai – the world capital of major international events

The influence of Dubai in the business world is constantly growing. This is a truly multicultural and globalized city, as described in the report of the Department of Tourism and Commercial Marketing. Dubai hosted more than 210 major international events in 2017, and more than ninety thousand people took part in these events. Business activity has also increased by more than 60%.

This is yet another confirmation of the fact that Dubai is the international business center, the innovation center, and the financial hub. 2018 is expected to be even more active and saturated for the Emirate. The number of business events will continue to grow. Thanks to such events, Dubai turns into the place for the exchange of thoughts, ideas, and experiences.

The government of Dubai is doing everything possible to diversify the economy further. The speed of the business environment enhancement is just impressive. This is also due to the holding of important world exhibitions and meetings of professionals. This gives the powerful impetus not only to the development of the economy but also to science. To stay the course, all modern economies need to go through the transitions – to move from the economy of knowledge to the economy of technology. And this is what Dubai is doing.

Gradually Dubai has got the image of the city, ideally suited for holding prestigious international events and exhibitions. The authorities of Dubai do not hide their ambitions: their goal is to become one of the top 10 cities for holding international business events. In 2020, Dubai will be in the spotlight of the whole world, thanks to the Expo-2020 exhibition. It is expected that more than 20 million people will visit the Emirate. Dubai is becoming the increasingly popular destination for such events.

Why Dubai? Dubai is really ideal for hosting world-class business events, thanks to its excellent infrastructure, good transport interchanges, convenient location, etc. Dubai is the leader in the Middle East region. More and more companies are eager to enter the UAE market.

Entrepreneurs and investors from all over the world are excited to come to Dubai to attend various exhibitions and other events. Holding such events plays the important role in strengthening and collaborating around the world. This creates the platform for discussion of issues, exchange of experience, which further ensures the development and growth of business not only in the UAE but also in the region as a whole.