- Increase in Companies Personnel in Dubai

Increase in Companies Personnel in Dubai

Increase in Companies Personnel in Dubai

2017 is apparently going to become a very promising year for Dubai. About two thirds of enterprises will hire additional employees. These are the results of the survey which analyzedabout three hundred medium-sized companies in Dubai, Moscow, Turkey, and the UK. More than 80% percent of the companies under analysis are confidentas to their future perspectives.

Why so? One of the reasons for this confidence is that companies are planning to work across borders and actively cooperate with other states of the world.

Extension of companies in Dubai

Approximately 70 of companies surveyed in Dubai are going to open international offices around the globe. They are targeting new export markets as it is one of the ways to extend their business.

How do you choose the best market for future expansion? For Dubai, the main priorities are the availability of skilled professionals, the absence of political disturbancesin the country and the ease of business procedures.

Middle East – a look into the future

Dubai’s prospects look quite optimistic concerning its economic growth in certain regions, namelyin Asia-Pacific region and the Middle East.

In particular, the countries of the Persian Gulf and India are among the top five markets perfect for business expansion.They are culturally related to the UAE and there are a number of industries that are still new to the markets.

The majority of the companies are concentrated on export; more than a half of them have already opened new offices.