- Dubai has clinched the victory for conducting the world exhibition in 2020, the EXPO 2020.

Dubai has clinched the victory for conducting the world exhibition in 2020, the EXPO 2020.

Dubai Taxes/Taxation Dubai, UAEThe world exhibition is the main symbol for the technological and industrial progress. The very new achievements in technology will be presented there.

It has transpired, that the international committee of experts has made a choice in favor of UAE and the decision has been made to conduct the world exhibition EXPO 2020 in Dubai, UAE.

EXPO 2020 is the international exhibition the location of which was determined by the International Exhibition Bureau Assembly in Paris. The preliminary time for the exhibition EXPO 2020 in Dubai is from May to October in 2020.

In the running for the right to conduct the world exhibition EXPO 2020, Dubai has been visited by over 250 international experts – members of the committee on organizational issues. They all have concluded that EXPO in Dubai will take place at a highest level.

In the course of pushing its policy to win the right for the EXPO 2020 in Dubai, the UAE Government has always adhered to its motto: “uniting minds for creation of the future”

Currently, substantial financial assets are being funneled into the development and the infrastructure of the megapolis and in the coming months the investment streams are forecast to increase manifold. The realization of the EXPO in Dubai has given a massive boost to the country’s development.

Dubai is ranked to be the leading place for business and living. This aspect had become the foundation for the members of the international committee’s decision to choose Dubai as the place for the exhibition. They have also visited the world famous sights in the Emirates: the Masdar City, Sheikh Zayed Mosque, Burj Khalifa and other hallmarks were amongst these sights.

The Dubai’s government says that Dubai is virtually ready for the EXPO 2020. Here, all the unique opportunities are concentrated for the realization of the world exhibition EXPO 2020. Today, Dubai represents the world business center which is built on the mutually beneficial international partnership. It is exactly here, where an unbelievable number of various representatives of numerous business directions from all over the world is concentrated and the number will rapidly increase in the next few years, as Dubai EXPO 2020 will give a new impact for further development.

The state’s politics has got quite a liberal attitude towards the foreign investors. The country has got ideal conditions for work and the prosperity of business. The business environment of UAE provides more than 200 nationalities with a comfortable life and effective work. There are highly qualified professionals from all over the world working in Dubai and this contributes to the expansion of the modern technologies and adoption of innovative project. Apart from the preparation for the international exhibition, there are many other contemporary exhibitions taking place in UAE in the areas of various innovations, information technology, industry etc.

The population of the country actively participates in the preparation of the world exhibition EXPO 2020 with many striking presentations and colorful celebrations, flash mobs and festive demonstrations. The preparation for all events related to the exhibition is in full swing. Special informational booths will be installed for the convenience of visitors to get the detailed information on the EXPO 2020 exhibition in Dubai, UAE.

The Dubai’s government intends to allocate over 500 hectares for the exhibiting space.

The main topic of the international exhibition will be the organization of the effective and fruitful collaboration amongst international business partners. In the course of the exhibition following issues will be on the agenda:

  • Stable development – creation and utilization of the rational energy sources
  • The mobility indicator – introduction and adoption of the transport and logistics
  • Opportunities expansion – pursuit of new methods and ways for the world economic growth.

EXPO 2020 in Dubai, UAE will usher in a new era of international relations and establishment of contemporary and civilized markets. Preliminary forecast suggests that over 25 million visitors will be visiting Dubai during EXPO 2020. Dubai is the first city where an event of such grand scale will take place.

Amongst aspects that have contributed to the victory of United Arab Emirates in the running for the right to conduct the world exhibition EXPO 2020 are: favorable geographical location, the cultural aspect of the country, highly developed infrastructure, economic and political stability, active development of tourism industry, safety and financial stability.

As per financial experts, huge investment perspectives await Dubai. As per the world association of the business centers, big companies working in this area are being subjected to re-investment and a substantial influx of new foreign investors is expected.