- Dubai interesting Facts

Dubai interesting Facts

Dubai interesting Facts

The United Arab Emirate is the fast growing country with a robust economy, stable political situation and numerous attractions that draw business people and tourists from all over the world.

Dubai is the largest city and a capital of the Emirate with the same name. Over the past few decades, Dubai has turned into the major international business hub and tourist centre. As of today, it is the multinational city with a myriad of cultures and lifestyles.

The city of Dubai is the highly-demanded tourist and business destination that offers competitive advantages for both living and carrying on business. So, what are the Dubai’s most interesting facts?

Among the most striking features of this Arab city there are:

  • No Taxes;
  • Low Crime rates;
  • World’s major record holder;
  • Skyscrapers;
  • Burj Khalifa;
  • World’s tallest hotels;
  • Shopping Capital;
  • International Population.

No Taxes

The current tax-free regime is one of the most attractive advantages for foreign investors, businesspersons, and entrepreneurs. According to the applicable Dubai Tax Law, all types of income, irrespective of their nature, are exempted from taxation on the territory of the Emirate. Moreover, there are numerous Double Tax treaties, which are signed between the UAE and other countries. Such agreements provide the opportunity to avoid double taxation, and stipulate tax-free government investments as well as tax-free air transportation and shipping.

Crime Rate

The city of Dubai is considered to be one of the safest cities worldwide. In fact, the current crime rate remains stable close to zero. It has become possible owing to the well-coordinated work of the law enforcement agencies and high living standards. Violation of the applicable laws, depending on the severity of the offence, is fraught with significant financial penalties or imprisonment. The Dubai legislation is based on the provisions of the Islamic Law. Offensive attitude to women is strictly prohibited and can result a real prison term. Foreigners are anticipated to respect the religious feelings of the local people.

World’s major record holder

Dubai is the city that is home to the numerous unique attractions and projects. Nowadays Dubai is the major record holder in the world’s tallest, -biggest, - highest and other nominations. The Government of Dubai is right on its way to develop the best infrastructure, construction and other projects. It is a city where you can visit the biggest aquarium or the grandest indoor ski park, check into the seven-star or the tallest hotel, go shopping in the world’s largest mall, etc. In fact, this is a city where the most luxurious projects are located in one place.


Dubai is the world’s famous city of skyscrapers. However, there was no tall buildings in Dubai a few decades ago. The situation has been changed in 1978, when the first skyscraper was built in Dubai. It was a 39-storey Sheikh Rashid Tower that is now known as the Dubai World Trade Centre. As of today, more than 400 skyscrapers are located on the territory of the Emirate. Among them there is the Burj Khalifa — the world’s tallest building.

Burj Khalifa

The Burj Khalifa (829.8 metres / 2722 feet in height) is the tallest structure in the world. The centrepiece of the mixed-use development was opened on the 4th of January 2010. The overall costs of the project are USD $ 1.5 billion. As of today, the building holds 17 world’s records in such nominations as “Building with most floors”, “World's highest elevator installation”, “World's highest outdoor observation deck”, etc. The patterning systems of the building are implemented in Islamic architectural style and incorporate cultural and historical elements of the region.

World’s tallest hotels

The Emirate of Dubai, the UAE offers a unique tourist infrastructure. In fact, 7 of the 10 world’s tallest hotels are located in Dubai. They are: JW Marriott Marquis, Rose Rayhaan, Burj Al Arab, Jumeirah Emirates Towers Hotel, The Address Downtown, Millennium Plaza and Radisson Royal Dubai. All these hotels offer comfortable conditions for living and spending free time. Among the hotels the Burj Al Arab — a luxury hotel, should be singled out. The 280 metres / 920 feet building is located on the artificial island and echoes the shape of the sail of a ship.

Shopping Capital

Dubai is considered to be one of the most looked-for world’s shopping destinations. It is widely-known as a “shopping capital of the Middle East”. As of today, more than 70 trade centres are located in Dubai. Dubai Mall, Mall of the Emirates, BurJuman, and other shopping malls offer visitors numerous shops and entertainment venues. Dubai Mall is the world’s largest shopping mall with 1,200 shops. The total retail floor area of the mall is 502,000 square metres. The mall’s infrastructure includes a vast parking area with more than 14,000 parking lots.

Multicultural Population

Dubai is the multinational city with continuously growing population. In fact, the total population is increased 100,000 new residents per year. As of today, foreigners comprise almost 90% of Dubai’s population, whereby Emiratis make up only 10%. The Government of Dubai puts all the efforts to make the city attractive for foreign investors, businesspersons and tourists. There is a overabundance of restaurants serving the most various national cuisines. This is a unique place where you can feel yourself at home.

The Emirate of Dubai is the wonderful place that provides the entire essential infrastructure and favourable environment for both living and carrying out business activities.

Do not hesitate and come to the United Arab Emirates to learn more Dubai interesting facts.