- Changes on Visa regulations in UAE

Changes on Visa regulations in UAE

Changes  on Visa regulations in UAECurrently, the UAE visa system has had a major update, which is said to increase Dubai’s popularity by leaps and bounds, especially in tourism sectors such as medical tourism and cruise tourism. The new multiple visa system has commenced in August, allowing for a multiple entry for medical tourists and those who want to embark on a cruise journey. The upgrade will enable tourists to easily travel between UAE and other countries by air, sea or land, thus, making Dubai a very convenient intersection for business and leisure.

The new multiple entry visas will enable cruise visitors, for example, to start off from and come back to any of the Dubai’s ports, thus, making their travel arrangements very flexible. This change will prove favorable for markets such as China, Russia, India, CIS countries, South Africa and South America, where previously, the travel regulations were not as cost-effective.

Since Dubai is the port for many cruise lines from different countries, this change will undoubtedly boost the number of visitors to the Arabian Gulf and moreover will reduce the travelling costs per passenger.

The members of countries which were previously exempt from a pre-entry visa, will now receive a first 30 days visa free of charge with an option for extension for another 30 days for an additional AED 600,-.

Those visitors who have been invited by UAE authorities and those who are in for medical treatment as well as those who have business in Al Ain and those who had to land in UAE due to an emergency e.g. aircraft malfunction or medical condition will be exempt from this new regulation.

The residents who sponsor their family with residency visas, will now be able to cancel their own visas without cancelling their family members’ visas, provided they pay a security deposit of AED 5000,- to the immigration department. Once the sponsor has obtained his new residency visa, the deposit will be refunded. A fine of AED 100,- will incur in case of an inaccurate residency visa application. 

All these changes on visa regulations give additional impulse for the growth in the number of tourists and visitors to UAE.