- Dubai Improved Its Positions in Life Quality Rating

Dubai Improved Its Positions in Life Quality Rating

Дубай как безопасное место для инвесторов

According to the study conducted by Deutsche Bank this year, the city of Dubai (UAE) improved its position in the life quality rating and outranked by some parameters such traditionally strong competitors as Paris, London and New York.

For the last year, Dubai has made visible progress and took the 18th place out of 50 cities included in this list. The study assessed a number of parameters that determine the quality of life: the costs of goods and services, the quality, and accessibility of medicine, the costs of apartment rent and utilities, security, the quality of infrastructure, etc. As for the cost of living, Dubai received 22 points (Paris – 42, London – 40 and New York – 47). Wellington (New Zealand), Zurich (Switzerland), Copenhagen (Denmark), Edinburgh (Great Britain) and Vienna (Austria) are at the top of this list.

As for such cities as Oslo, Geneva, Lisbon Berlin, Luxembourg, Brussels, Paris, Zurich, Rome, and Frankfurt, they partially lost their positions in the rating for the past year. This is mainly due to the increased risk of terrorists attacks.

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