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Best hotels of Dubai

Best hotels in the world

Dubai hotels are the most luxurious ones in the world. There is large variety of hotels with beautiful architecture and excellent services, which barely could be found anywhere else in the world.

Today Dubai has over 400 hotels, where the quality of services is considered to be of the highest world’s standards. Many Dubai hotels have famous nightclubs: “Roberto Cavalli”, “Budda Bar”, and “Armani”. More than 9 million people visited Dubai hotels in 2012, whereas the number of visitors has increased by 800,000, compared to the previous year. Thus, Dubai hotel’s apartments’ occupancy increased from 66% to 68%.

Quite recently, a new project was carried out to build another large and luxurious hotel – “Water Discus”. Visitors would have a unique opportunity to stay almost at the bottom of the Persian Gulf. The bottom part of the hotel will be located at 10 meters depth with its planned surface area over 1,000 square meters. The hotel will be equipped with helipads for hotel VIP guests.

High international standards and impeccable service

It is no secret that tourism industry of the United Arab Emirates is rapidly gaining momentum and is actively developing. The country is the desired destination for millions of visitors and tourists from all over the world that results in increase of hotel space and improvement of service.

Modern hotel complexes of the Emirates always provide impeccable level of service of guests in the best traditions of hospitality. The territory of the modern Dubai metropolis is the home of the best hotels in the country– these are the best hotels that meet the highest international standards and categories.

Most of the luxurious and exclusive hotel complexes located in areas such as Dubai Marina and Jumeirah. Almost all best hotels in Dubai are on the first coast line and are located on the shores of man-made canals and bays.

Regardless of the category and star of hotels in Dubai, it's excellent cuisine and culinary delights from the best professionals in their area, a wide range of business class services, health, sports and beauty centers, as well as opportunities for sport activities.

The city of Dubai is ready to offer numerous visitors and tourists a huge selection of hotel space that will satisfy even the most demanding and experienced travelers. Here everyone can find affordable hotel that meets the requirements of any visitor. You can choose suitable option depending on the type and location of the hotel and you will enjoy maximum comfort in Dubai.

Original and respectable holiday  

For those who wish to spend their holiday with maximum comfort and luxury, may opt for hotels located on the first line, as well as luxury villas and private apartments. Having taken advantage of exclusive offers, you will have an opportunity to experience splendor of modern designs and impeccable service in full.

Moreover, you can stay in hotels on artificial islands. The best hotel complexes on artificial island Palm Jumeirah are ready to accept visitors.

Hotels in the city

If you, for whatever reason, have to spend more time in the city, it offers modern hotel complexes in no way inferior to the coastal hotel complexes. As compensation for distance from the beach area, you will be provided with extra services. First of all, these are lovely pools, spa salons and access to marine clubs and white beaches of coastal hotels.

Special buses will bring you to the coast, while visits to the beach and the trip are absolutely free. The main advantage of the city hotels is close location to the places of entertainment and festivities.

Among them - the International Exhibition Centre, the largest shopping centers and festivals. Dubai guests can always count on the most comfortable and memorable stay. Cozy atmosphere of modern hotels, which perfectly combines advanced technology and traditional Arab culture will not leave you indifferent and you will remember sky blue waters and white sand beaches for years.