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Bookkeeping / Accounting / Audit, Dubai, UAE

Bookkeeping and audit

Whereas Dubai and other Emirates of the UAE enjoy tax free status with regard to types of business, submission of annual financial statements and subsequent preparation of audit report constitutes a compulsory requirement for almost all types of onshore companies registered in free trade zones.

Preparation of financial statements before filing balance sheet requires particular knowledge and experience and qualified accountants who prepare statements of the company in accordance with all relevant requirements.

Our company provides services relating to preparation and maintenance of the accounts of companies registered in Dubai, Sharjah, Ras Al Khaimah and other Emirates of the UAE.

Our services:

  • Check of primary accounting records and other primary documents.
  • Analysis of currently applied financial accounting system.
  • Implementation of an appropriate accounting system taking into account the requirements of the laws of the UAE.
  • Assistance in preparation of invoices and other documentation.
  • Accounting services - on a monthly basis or annual preparation of balance sheet.
  • Preparation of accounts for subsequent audit.
  • Assistance in preparation of employment contracts and all documents related thereto.
  • Annual audit and filing audit report.
  • Obtaining of tax residency certificate for Companies in the UAE from the Ministry of Finance.
  • Advice relating to maintenance of accounts and preparation of documents for audit.

In difference to full-time accountant in the UAE, you may apply the opportunities of accounting outsourcing. Furthermore, dedicated accountant would be assigned to your company and would be responsible for preparation of the accounts and prompt response to your arising questions.

Our specialists in charge of preparing of the accounts and documents of companies for audit in Dubai and other Emirates of the UAE have all necessary professional qualifications and relevant experience.

Maintenance of the accounts is performed by implementing proper software and in compliance with the international standards.

The scope and nature of accounting and administration services for companies in the United Arab Emirates may meet practically any requirements – from specialized one-time advice to full package of accounting services for companies and maintenance of document workflow.