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Residence permit in the UAE

The UAE does not have such a term as permanent residency permit. The long-term residency is possible on the basis of residential visa. There are a couple of types of residency visas – governmental, working / employment, sponsor and investor visa.

Residence permit in the UAE

Resident visa is given for a maximum period of 3 years with an option for its further extension whereby, in the event of absence in the UAE for more than 180 calendar days in a row, it can be automatically cancelled which means in case of availability of residency visa you should visit the country at least twice a year.

Grounds for receiving the residency visa in the UAE are:

  • Being a shareholder of a company in the UAE;
  • Purchase of real estate;
  • Being employed in the UAE.

Obtaining of residence visa is possible through purchase of real estate only in case of the purchase price being not less than 1 Million AED (approximately USD 272.000). Visa received upon purchase of real estate gives the right to live in the country and open a bank account but does not provide with the permission to work in the country. However, in case the working permit is required, it is possible to receive Labor Card upon a provision of a signed employment contract.

Our advisors will work out all necessary steps in line with company’s incorporation, the procedure of getting resident visas for you, your family members and employees of your company, along with visas cancellation when discharging personnel or company liquidation.

In order to get the initial advice please send us your request.