- Opening international company in Dubai, UAE. International bank account in Dubai

Opening offshore company in Dubai, UAE. Offshore bank account in Dubai

Opening offshore company in Dubai, UAE. Offshore bank account in Dubai

Opening offshore company in Dubai is the acknowledged and effective instrument of tax planning and assets protection.

Offshore company in Dubai favorably differs from alternative jurisdictions in other countries, which provide the opening of offshore companies.

Main characteristics of offshore companies in Dubai:

  • 100% ownership by foreign shareholders – legal and physical persons.
  • Complete corporate tax exemption.
  • There are no requirements for minimum share capital of offshore companies in Dubai and UAE in generally.
  • There are no restrictions on capital and profits expatriation.
  • Reliable regulations on confidentiality.

Typical cases of use of offshore companies registered in Free Trade Zones of United Arab Emirates (FTZ of the UAE):

  • Trading.
  • Consulting.
  • Holding with assets abroad.
  • Electronic commerce.
  • Holding and management of real estate in the UAE.

The United Arab Emirates have long-standing reputation of a solid and tax-free jurisdiction. Due to the compliance with all international requirements on anti-money laundering the UAE have never been black listed as a country failing to comply with such regulations. In spite of the absence of taxes, the country was never considered by international anti-money laundering organizations as an offshore jurisdiction thus utilizing such company for international business and tax planning has its clear advantages.

The UAE did not sign the directive and the agreement with the OECD (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development). In relation to this fact the offshore companies registered in UAE today are one of the most effective protection instruments of confidentiality and investors rights. In addition to it, the Arab Emirates has solid and stable banking system for business of offshore company UAE.

On top of it United Arab Emirates have the very sound reputation as the strong international player and as the developed business hub providing solid base for thousands of companies from worldwide.

In combination with opening offshore bank account in Dubai in local or international bank on the territory of the UAE offshore companies are a favorable alternative to the conventional offshore jurisdictions. They provide necessary level of confidentiality and high level of banking services with acceptable fees. Working through UAE offshore company registration office does not result questions in respect of reputation which is often a common issue, when you work through offshore company registration in other countries.

Time required for opening offshore company in Dubai UAE takes around 2 business days.

Opening offshore bank account in Dubai takes in some banks a couple of days only means you can buy offshore company and get the bank account be opened in about 1 week in total.

Company name – name of the company must be initially verified with the Registrar. The company name must not include the following words: insurance, bank, building society, cooperative, fund, Municipal, Chamber of Commerce, trust, Royal, chartered, finance, mutual fund, Emirate and Emirates. At the end the company name shall have Ltd. or Incorporated. The company name shall ideally reflect the company activities whereby this is not strictly obligatory for offshore companies. In case you have your own company name suggestions we would check it with the registry for availability. If you need some suggestions on the company name, you can send us the short description on planned company activities and we would send you some suggestions on the company name for your review.

Shareholders and directors of the company can be physical persons as well as legal entities without any limitations on residency or citizenship.

Companies’ registry with the data on directors and shareholders is not public.

Memorandum and Articles are provided in English language which is very practical for international business.

Restrictions on offshore company UAE: offshore company cannot carry out any business activities on the territory of UAE except opening offshore bank account in Dubai and purchase of real estate. An offshore company, in distinction to an onshore company in Free Trade Zone, does not give the right to receive the residency visa in the UAE.

Main documents required for opening offshore company in Dubai, UAE.

  • Passport copies of shareholders and directors.
  • Bank recommendation / reference letter.
  • Confirmation on resident address of shareholder– utility bills, statement from account with residential address.

Our advisors will help you to open an offshore company UAE as well as to open Dubai bank account for it in a solid and reliable bank. On bank side – we have a large choice of banks in UAE as well as abroad with different requirements on the minimum balance, personal presence at the time of account opening, available banking services, etc.

In order to get the initial advice on opening offshore company in Dubai UAE as well as bank account opening in Dubai please send us your request.


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