- Family visa in the UAE

Family visa in the UAE

Family visa in the UAE

The UAE is well known for its largely friendly regulations in terms of receiving residency permit in this country. The most straight – forward procedures for obtaining permanent family visas is over company registration or over the solution of buying a property.

Before going into details on the requirements and procedure on how to receive UAE family visa – for you and all your close family members - we need to outline that the residence visa is the entirely different from a tourist visa.

When you come as a tourist, your visa gives you the right for one-time entry into the United Arab Emirates for a maximum period of 30 days. This visa type can be extended once for another 30 days. There are two categories of nationalities in terms of tourist visa requirements – the ones who can get this visa on arrival, and the ones who need to apply for it in advance. For both categories, the maximum length of stay and further limitations apply. When coming as a tourist, you can rent a car in the UAE and drive it with your international driving license. You also have the right to purchase and own residential and commercial properties in UAE as well as register companies and open non-resident bank accounts.

However, you shall be aware that there are some certain limitations of such visa which are as follows:

  • The maximum number calendar of days you are permitted to stay in the country (was already mentioned above).
  • With such visa, you are not permitted to work in the UAE.
  • You can not purchase a car in the UAE.
  • There is no possibility to sponsor (get residency visas) for your family members.

Thus, if you and your family need to stay in the UAE longer time, you need to apply for the UAE residency visa. To apply for any type of family visas for your family members you need to receive your visa, and only then you can start the process of the residency permit application for your family members. We do not consider in this overview the solution of an employment visa and provide the info on the solutions available for investors. For investors, there are two possible solutions – over real estate purchase and over setting up a company in the UAE.

Family visa in UAE over property purchase

For being able to apply for a permanent residency visa for you, and then for family visas, there are certain requirements to be fulfilled. The property must be at least one million dirhams; it has to be of the residential type and competed means fully constructed and ready for occupation. In the event you have a mortgage on the property – such mortgage must be less than 50% from the property price in order to qualify for a residence permit over property.

This solution requires the substantial investment into real estate. If you wish to get visa over another way which requires much fewer investments – the next solution is for you – over company registration.

Investor Visa – for you and your family - over solution of registering a company

This solution is, from our long-term experience, the most popular ones among the people who decide to get permanent residency visas in the UAE. To proceed with such option, a basic onshore company with minimal costs is registered, and then the residency permit application process is done whereby you receive the status of the investor.

Upon completion of your visa process the family visas – for your wife and children – can be initiated as well. The total time frame to register a company and complete your residence permit is on average around one month. For your family members – approximate one month as well.

Additional notes on UAE visas process and requirements

There are some additional requirements for both types of permanent family residency visas – over property and over the company. These are:

  • Documents legalisation – the marriage certificate and the birth certificates of children must be duly legalised.
  • Tenancy contract or property ownership confirmation – in case of visas for family members.
  • Another obligatory requirement which came into force is the basic medical insurance coverage for you and all your family members.

Once you receive a permanent visa for you and your family – you need to renew it each 2 or 3 years – depending on its type. To renew the family members visas, your visa must be renewed first. The visa renewal is rather simple and fast process. If all documents are compliant with the requirements, the renewal process takes about one week in total.

Visa cancellation

All types of residence permits, if not required anymore, must be duly cancelled. For the family visas, the process goes vice-versa from the one of receiving it. First, you need to cancel UAE visas of your family members, and then your residency permit can be also cancelled.

For any questions or requests on UAE residency visas – please contact us, and we provide you all the info.