- UAE Investor visa – how to receive, advantages, procedure, time to receive

UAE Investor visa – how to receive, advantages, procedure, time to receive

UAE Investor visa – how to receive, advantages, procedure, time to receive

UAE is well known for its highest level of safety as well as life comfort and advantageous tax treatment for its residents. If you consider the option on receiving the UAE Investor visa – our present overview gives you all the details and steps to proceed on how to get such visa as well as what advantages it would provide you.

First of all, in comparison with other developed countries, UAE has highly attractive and relatively uncomplicated way of obtaining the investor visa. If, for example, in the European countries, to receive such visa you need to invest a substantial amount of money or make a company and create new jobs, the UAE investor visa is associated with very reasonable costs and requirements.

As a foreign person, you need to register a basic company in the UAE – in Dubai or other Emirate, and over such company you and your family can get the investor visas. Total costs of such company are not high, and the time for the entire procedure in total, including the time to register the company and to obtain the UAE investor visa, is on average one and a half to two month only.

Once you have your company registered and your UAE investor visa is received, the only requirement for you to keep this visa validity – to come to the UAE once at least every 180 days as well as to pay the yearly company renewal costs. That is it. If the company is active in business or not – it does not have any effect on the investor visa and its renewal.

The procedure to obtain residency visas for your family – your wife and children – is also not difficult. Once your investor visa is received, you have the right to apply for the visa for your family. The only additional requirement would be to provide to the UAE authorities the proof that you have leased or purchased a property where your family members can live. In addition you need to provide certificate of marriage for the visa for your wife / husband and birth certificates for your children. These documents are to be legalized. The process of obtaining the investor residency visa in the UAE for the family members takes all together about one month in total.

The investor visas in Dubai are issued for 3 years with the further renewal. The renewal procedure is also uncomplicated and does not take much time. Especially if our company handles it all for you as we have designed the whole process such a way that it requires minimal involvement of our clients.

Once you and your family obtain the UAE investor visas and become tax resident in Dubai, the UAE, you enjoy highly favourable taxation for the country residents. There are no personal taxes on the UAE residents.

Moreover the UAE has signed a number of double tax treaties. Thus, if you receive dividends or other type of income from abroad, you can also use the UAE tax advantages within such double tax treaties.

To receive the details on the costs and steps required from your side to proceed with the UAE investor visa please send us your request - and we guide you over the entire process.

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