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Virtual office in Dubai, UAE

What makes Dubai popular among foreigners? It is due to a tax-free environment, simplified business registration and reporting system, and access to the vast market of the Middle East. However, there are some other attractive features, for example, the ability to rent a virtual office in Dubai, instead of a real office. So, what is a virtual office in Dubai, and what are the advantages of such a solution?

A startup, as a development scenario, is becoming increasingly popular around the world and Dubai, is no exception in this regard. Besides, we know witness an increase in the outsourcing and freelance markets globally. Startups and freelancers are the primary consumers of virtual offices in both Dubai and everywhere else. Therefore, in recent years, virtual offices in Dubai freezones is gaining popularity. The opportunity to get a regional presence and spend a minimum amount of funds with a virtual office in Dubai is an excellent prospect for beginning entrepreneurs.

What is a virtual office in Dubai?

So, what is this virtual office in Dubai? It is your local address, in one of the business centers of Dubai, which is used for contacts with local authorities and customers. It can be used for business setup; it is indicated in your trade (or other) license. Your mail (both electronic and regular) will come there. Besides, a virtual office in Dubai can provide you with several additional services.

Key benefits of a virtual office in Dubai

The main and most apparent advantage of this solution is its cost. In any case, renting a virtual office space in Dubai will cost you less than the smallest premise in any of the local office centers. You get the following things with it:

  • Local telephone/fax number. Your business partners and customers will be able to contact you using your local telephone number, which is available to you in your virtual office in Dubai.
  • Address in local office center in the freezone, or on the mainland of the UAE (virtual offices typically are located in Dubai office centers). This address is indicated in your trade license and can be used for business setup.
  • Voicemail services. Voicemail delivery is also available in a virtual office in Dubai (optional).
  • Mail collection services. You can order this in a virtual office in Dubai (both regular mails and electronic ones).
  • Meeting rooms. If you plan to conduct a business meeting with your partners or customers, you can rent a special meeting room or a conference room (available in a virtual office in Dubai with prior notice).

Besides, the indisputable advantage of the virtual office space in Dubai is that you can customize its operation in the most convenient way for you. For example, you work with the US market, and your customers contact you at night hours (in local time). In this case, you can order call handling in a given time interval, for example, from 11:00 pm to 06:00 am.

Renting a virtual office in Dubai is cheaper because:

  1. You do not rent (or buy) the equipment necessary for its operation (it is already available in a virtual office);
  2. You do not need to pay for utilities in a virtual office in Dubai;
  3. You do not pay for the transfer of personnel to your office;
  4. The expenses on operation in a virtual office space in Dubai at night and on weekends is the cheapest available option.

Thus, in many cases, a virtual office in Dubai can functionally replace a regular real office, but at the same time, the expenses on it are much lower.

When is it more profitable to use a virtual office in Dubai?

Minimizing operating expenses is critical for start-ups that do not yet have a stable income. A virtual office in Dubai can be considered as a temporary solution, the first step in the development of business in the region. It is the cheapest solution that can provide you with a real regional presence.

For freelancers, a virtual office in Dubai is preferable in any case, since a real one will not give any advantages for their work, but only additional costs. A virtual office in Dubai will provide everything you need: a real address (for registration and obtaining a license), communication (phone, mail, voice mail), a place for business meetings (meeting rooms, conference rooms for presentations), secretary services (mail collection, reception calls.

If you plan to open a local representative office in the region, a virtual office in Dubai will allow you to explore the market and create the basis for your full-fledged arrival with minimal expenses. That is why many investors first choose to rent a virtual office in Dubai. At the first stage, they conduct meetings, presentations in it, and establish contacts with local business partners and clients, and after that, when “you soften up the ground” you can rent a real office.

FAQs on virtual offices in Dubai

  1. Who can order virtual office services in Dubai?

    A virtual office in Dubai can be rented by both individual entrepreneurs and companies with a license, in a word, all those who want to save on business expenses. One can use, for example, the EJARI system to rent this type of office.
  2. Where are virtual offices available?

    A virtual office can be rented in one of the UAE freezones. It is available in the following jurisdictions: DWC (Dubai) DMCC (Dubai), Dubai Internet City (Dubai), JAFZA (Dubai), UAQ FTZ (Umm Al Quwain), SHAMS (Sharjah), RAKEZ (Ras Al Khaimah), and some others. This type of office in different freezones is called a “Flexi desk office,” “Smart office,” “Premium office.”
  3. Is it possible to choose a specific service package that suits me in a virtual office in Dubai?

    Yes, you can choose and pay for exactly those services in the virtual office in Dubai you will need. (It can be customized).
  4. How much does a virtual office in Dubai cost?

    It is very difficult to give a direct answer to this question since the price depends on the chosen jurisdiction and the chosen package of services. Typically, the price of a virtual office in Dubai starts from 10,000 dirhams per year and is already included in the freezone registration package of the company (or a freelancer license package).

Our consultants and legal specialists will help you choose the best virtual office in Dubai in terms of available opportunities and costs. Contact us; we will be glad to help you with a virtual office in Dubai.