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Open or Set up Business in Dubai, UAE

Business in Dubai, UAE

Dubai is not only the oriental tale, grown from the sand and amazing its guests by its luxury and comfort. Dubai is the contemporary mega city with enormous number of international business which is opened and successfully operating in Dubai and other Emirates of UAE.

Business in Dubai, UAE – how hard or easy is to set up business in UAE ?

Opening business in Dubai, UAE is pretty easy and fast. The extent of bureaucracy in Dubai is relatively low whereby the UAE governmental authorities are willing to help the entrepreneur to evaluate the requirements of the firm and to support it. The level of corruption is close to zero. The factor which, undoubtedly, exists, is some specifics of the country itself and the style on how the relationships are built and the organizational matters of the business, residency visas, accounts opening and other organizational matters related to opening business in UAE are resolved. This issue, clearly, is also the case of any other country in the world as each country has its own specifics, especially at the initial stages of the business set up. In order to resolve all these questions and set up business in Dubai and other Emirates of UAE there are, like everywhere else in the world, two solutions – to get the understanding on everything yourself or to contact the professional advisors who have the expertise and know the practical part on how proceed to set up business in Dubai other Emirates of UAE and to delegate this work to such advisors in order to be able to concentrate on the business itself.

Open business in Dubai – what to do? Which business to set up / open?

Same as in any other country or city in the world, in Dubai there are some commercial areas which are universal for any country and only the energy and the entrepreneurial spirit of the business owner define success or failure of the opened business under the conditions of the regular market completion. One of such types of business is, for example, services sector – restaurants, training centers for kids and adults, car rentals, tourist services, etc. Such type of services is in high demand in Dubai thanks to the large number of tourists coming to United Arab Emirates as well as the specifics of the consumer behavior and style of life of the people, permanently living in Dubai and other Emirates of UAE and who are ready to spend on the services sector relatively high amount of money.

Second type is the business related directly to the specifics of the UAE and its given business advantages on the international markets. This, for example, is the cars re-export, trading with computers and computer spare parts with companies abroad, etc.

Another profitable niche is to set up business in UAE in the sphere of different factories and plants. The advantages are resulted due to low costs of the workforce, cheap energy resources, locations and absence of corporate taxes in UAE which provide the possibility to produce different goods at competitive world market prices.

Another sample of industry broadly represented in UAE – commercial vessels management and the services related to such management – personnel training, provision of security services for the commercial vessels, etc.

There are also some areas of opening business in UAE which are quite specialized and densely occupied by the representatives of some specific countries. Such areas of business are, for example, accounting and audition services or software development. Opening business in UAE of such type, with some minor exceptions quite hard as the business competition in these areas is extremely high due to the low costs of the personnel from, for example, India, who are specialized in providing such services and the large number of the Indian nationals are broadly active in this industry.

One more business area which our customers often refer to us is to provide the support to set up business in Dubai as the headquarters company for the international presence. This business area is highly represented in Dubai by mid-size and large companies of practically any types of business – logistics, media companies, trading companies, banks, energy companies, etc.

Opening Business in UAE – why this country in particular?

Why does it make sense to set up business in UAE and find it the right jurisdiction to choose?

Hereby we enumerate some of the reasons and advantages on why it is logical to consider Dubai as the place to open / set up business: stable UAE legislation proving good entrepreneur environment; absence of corporate taxes for most of the types of the business; low costs of the work force; absence of the risks of the business being raided by the competitors; advantageous UAE geographic location; highly developed logistics and transportation infrastructure; comfort and safety to work and live.

Easiness and simplicity of opening business in UAE, its legislation which is oriented to support entrepreneur, safe and conformable place of life for businessmen and their families and the absence of taxes places Dubai as one of the most attractive destinations to open business.

Dubai has now one of the leading positions in the cargo and passenger logistics – 3rd and 4thplaces respectively. Thanks to its geographic location, if you decide to open business in Dubai and other Emirates of UAE, you can get access to the huge market of the region with 2.2 billion potential consumers for the goods and services of your company.

If you want to set up business in Dubai or other Emirate of UAE please send us your questions and we would provide you all the details you may require for the company set up procedure as well as we can provide you the complete business set-up support in Dubai and all Emirates of UAE.