- Cheapest UAE Free Trade Zone or cheapest FTZ company in Dubai or other Emirate of UAE.

Cheapest UAE Free Trade Zone or cheapest FTZ company in Dubai or other Emirate of UAE.

We are often asked what is the cheapest Free Trade Zone or cheapest FTZ company in Dubai or other Emirate of UAE.

There is no real answer to this question as the price really depends on each specific situation. For example, you just need a trading company and residency 1 visa without any real office – the cheapest solution would be over one Free Trade Zone, you need 3 and more residency visas for the company with the same type of company – the other UAE Free Trade Zone is the cheaper costs solution for such task.

If the company in United Arab Emirates needs real office, for example, in Dubai, then the costs factor of the company itself becomes not that crucial as the office lease price would the main costs factor in the total company costs.

If you need some specific company in United Arab Emirates, for example, for providing telecommunication services, medical services or trading with commodities you are automatically bound to the specific Free Trade Zones which provides licensing for such companies.

On top of the above the costs structure and the requirements for incorporation of the UAE Free Trade Zone companies regularly change and evolve thus the cheapest option today may be not the cheapest one tomorrow.

Our summary -  to answer the question on what is the cheapest company in Dubai Free Trade Zones (FTZ) and Free Trade Zones of other Emirates of UAE or what is the cheapest Free Trade Zone in United Arab Emirates by itself – the most cost-effective solution is the one which fulfils your requirements of the new UAE company first, and the company costs factor is absolutely secondary. Otherwise, if putting only the company costs factor on top of the business requirements, such company can be totally useless for the specific company business requirements you have.

If you wish to have precise price quote on the Free Trade Zone company in the United Arab Emirates which fits your requirements and is the most efficient from the costs side please send us your request with the following data:

  • Planned company activities.
  • Would any of the company’s activities be related to the sale of goods and the provision of services inside of UAE and if yes – please describe the scope.
  • Required number of company residency visas for shareholders, directors and personnel as well as family members.
  • Office / land / production facilities requirements of the company.
  • If real facilities are required – approximate size and location – in Dubai, Sharjah, etc.
  • Any additional facilities which may be required such as, for example, proximity to airport, sea port, etc.

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