- The most competitive economies / countries of the world

The most competitive economies / countries of the world

The most competitive economies / countries of the world

The UAE continue to be amongst the countries ranking top in having efficient governmental system and economic development. Currently, the UAE has moved 2 positions and is in the top 10 most efficient and economically thriving countries worldwide, as ranked by IMD - the leading business institute in Switzerland, within the scope of its global analysis of more than 60 world economies in 2015.

The USA however is still in pole position in the race for the most governmentally efficient, innovative, effective in its infrastructure and economically viable economies in the world.

Globally, the UAE is ahead of quite a number of countries including Qatar, Ireland, Netherlands, Canada, New Zealand, Switzerland and Malaysia in terms of their governmental efficiency. The 2015 analysis overall, shows that world economies are back to basics, improving their environmental impact and improving the available infrastructure for their citizens. The economic indicators present UAE from its best perspective ranking 7th, thus, ahead of Germany, Hong Kong, Canada.

The Asian economies however show a rather declining trend in their competitiveness with other countries. Countries like Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, Taiwan, Republic of Korea and Philippines have all declined in global ranking due to ever weakling infrastructural standards. The same trend showed in the Eastern Europe in Poland, Czech Republic, Slovenia and the Baltic states as well as the South America and South Africa.

Considering the competiveness if the UAE economy and its highly favorable business regulations in terms of taxation and various permits it is really worth to evaluate the possible advantages your business can get when moving at least part of its operations to UAE.