- Costs of opening company / setting business in Dubai, the UAE

Costs of opening company / setting business in Dubai, the UAE

Costs of  opening company / setting business in Dubai, the UAE

There are a lot of various advantages which UAE companies provide – tax free environment, comfortable and reliable banking, ease of doing business, etc.

Before you have made your decision to open a company in the UAE, you shall have the clear overview of the possible options on company types and its related costs. We have put together most common solutions and related costs within opening a business in Dubai or other Emirate of the UAE.

Case 1 – international business – everywhere except of the United Arab Emirates. You just need a company and bank account. No physical office and no residency visas in the UAE. For this purpose the most cost-effective solution is the RAK ICC offshore company. Such legal entity costs a bit more than 2.000,- USD in the first year, and below USD 2.000,- per annum  starting from the second year. No audit, no other additional costs. Fast and easy registration and minimal requirements for further management and administration.

Case 2  - international business outside as well as inside of the UAE. You do not really need a physical office in Dubai.  You need a legal entity to make business inside the country and abroad as well as receive your residency visa in the UAE. For this purpose the best solution is the basic onshore free zone company with virtual office package. Such packages are offered by various free trade zones of the UAE and the total costs of setting up such company including the costs of the residency visa and complete support package start from USD 11.800,-

Case 3 – you have same requirements as in the case 2, but you need a real office. In such event the additional costs would be the office rent. For example, a yearly rent of the minimum required office of around 50 to 60 sq.m. in Dubai in a good location would be in the range of AED 55.000,- to AED 70.000,- per annum (USD 15.000,- to 19.000,-).

Case 4 – you are staring a real business in Dubai, for example with some production facilities, or a shop / restaurant. In this event the expenses linked to setting up a business be the legal entity costs plus the rent of the commercial space as well as investments into equipment and infrastructure. The company costs – see in the sample in the Case 2. On the extra investments – commercial space rent and other points – it greatly depends on your concept and project size. In such case the costs of the company itself are absolutely marginal in relation to the total project investments.

When evaluation the options for the company set up in Dubai or other areas of the UAE you shall keep in mind that there are various regulations and available licenses as well as different free trade zones with various options and requirements.

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