- How to do business out of your favorite hobby in the UAE?

How to do business out of your favorite hobby in the UAE?


Perhaps the main factor contributing to the success of any business is the enthusiasm and energy of its founder. If you have a good idea and a great desire to implement it, sooner or later you will find money, people and all other resources, and if there is no desire to promote and develop your business, then even the funds invested in it will not help to stay the course and generate income. What kind of activity makes genuine interest in a person? Of course, it is a hobby. So why not make money by turning your hobby into a business!

In the first stages, you will need favorable conditions – access to investment capital, human resources, energy resources, and infrastructure (office, warehouse, or other premises), and also minimum taxes and fees since you will not receive a stable income over the next few months. All these you will find in the free zones of the United Arab Emirates. The UAE is a real incubator for business, both for large international corporations and for newcomers-startups. You can long list the benefits of opening a company in the UAE, but here we only note that this is the best country to start a business in terms of cost-benefit ratio.

Ideas for business in the UAE

Some activities require a complex registration procedure and obtaining permits; for example, you cannot easily and quickly open a medical institution in the UAE. But the activities listed below can be carried out with a service, trade or freelance license, which will not be difficult to obtain, in addition, for some activities you will not even need a physical office at the first stage, which will allow you to start a business with minimal investment. Some of these ideas are suitable even for women, stay at home moms.

  • Organization of tourist tours. Surely, you cannot compete with large tourist companies, but you do not need that. If you live in the UAE and are interested in the local culture, local customs and know extraordinary people whose work might interest tourists, you can offer something really original. People love the original experience.
  • Online gift and souvenir shop. Are you interested in arts and crafts? If you make something original with your own hands, you can sell it through an online store. To do this, you have to obtain an appropriate trading license. The costs of starting such a business will be relatively small, and in case of initial success, you can think about expanding.
  • Hairdresser. A hairdresser requires less investment compared to a spa or beauty salon. A person with a limited budget can refuse expensive spa services, but unlikely will refuse a haircut, the main thing here is to find your audience, to occupy a certain niche in the market. For greater success, it is worth finding the most strategically advantageous position for future hairdressers.
  • Managing documents and correspondence for other people. It is unlikely for any person to have such a hobby, but as an option for a startup, this is a completely viable idea. If you have free time and ready to sell it, you can offer your services to those who do not have it to carry out such routine operations as correspondence, processing documents, etc. You can build your profitable business around this problem.

The above-mentioned ideas for small and medium-sized businesses can be implemented, but the main thing you need is a great desire and dedication. Even such large companies as Apple once started in a garage, who knows what your business can grow into in several years. In any case, the UAE will provide you with the necessary conditions for growth and development.

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