- Dubai: The Tower, tallest tower to be ready by 2020

Dubai: The Tower, tallest tower to be ready by 2020

Dubai: The Tower, tallest tower to be ready by 2020

Dubai will obtain a new symbol of confidence and positivity. It will become the world’s tallest building called “The Tower”.

Completion of the construction is expected before the Expo 2020. The complete costs of the project are $1 billion (3.67 billion AED).

Santiago Calatrava, the famous Spanish-Swiss architect, have designed the never-before scale project and its implementation will strengthen the country’s leading position regarding architectural innovations.

There is no precise information regarding the height of the building. However, at present, it is known that it will be not less than 1000 meters. The Tower will become the tallest building in the world outranking the current record-holder Burj Khalifa (828 meters in height).

The Tower will be located amidst the Dubai Creek Harbour between Emaar Properties and Dubai Holding at 10-minutes’ drive from the Dubai International Airport.

The project will feature the entire infrastructure and elements including a luxury boutique hotel, hanging gardens, etc. All the visitors would have the opportunity to enjoy the incredible 360-degree views from the special rotating platforms of the observation decks

The role of the Tower for Dubai

The building will become not only the tallest construction but also the beautiful piece of architecture. The peak of the construction will feature a “flower bud” lighting system symbolising optimism and promising future for Dubai and the whole Emirate.

The Tower will undoubtedly become the new architectural landmark of Dubai, worth of pride. Implementation of this project has the positive impact on the Dubai’s reputation and the Emirate’s economy.