- Opening a bank account in new bank - private or for business purposes

Opening a bank account in new bank - private or for business purposes

Opening a bank account in new bank - private or for business purposesEach bank has its own peculiarities, and one should learn the finesses in order to make a right choice.

One of the first things people do often need is opening a bank account. It does not seem to be a challenge, but making a right choice requires learning the details.

There are a huge number of the various banking networks. Different banks offer different financial instruments and provide various financial opportunities. One should remember that starting off with the new bank brings new requirements and responsibilities. Banking with a reliable financial institution will make your life easier, and will open new opportunities.

It would be advisable to take into account some important factors when choosing a bank, including:

  • Convenience
  • Rates
  • International remittances costs
  • Customer service


There is no doubt that the convenience factor is of a great importance for entrepreneurs and people with a busy lifestyle. Each person puts his own demands to the definition of an ideal bank. Some people make use of 24-hours online internet banking systems, while others prefer traditional banking outlets for carrying on financial activities.

Remember that there is no ideal bank. Do not assume that any bank will meet all your wishes and requirements such as offering a variety of credit card options and all the existing financial instruments or providing a flexible system of payments settlements and the latest technologies.

You should verify the availability of the necessary services before opening a bank account. Ask whether the required services will be available to you on reasonable terms and in the proper time. Make sure that the bank has a conveniently located and developed network of branch offices.


Banks apply different charges and fees. Remember that their height can be significant. For example, a monthly fee may be collected from your account. Make sure that it will not hit your balance heavily. Learn about ATM fees, transfer charges, check-cashing costs, etc.

Be aware of the applied service fees and read carefully a rate list. Assess the costs of the most often used activities. Be attentive as different small charges can add up very quickly. They can turn into a significant unnecessary burden and decrease your profits.

International remittances

There is often a need to send money abroad. Make sure that your bank provides a possibility to send money home to family or to a personal or business account, which is registered abroad, on reasonable terms. Learn whether there is an automated regular transfer service available. It will give you an invaluable opportunity to save time and to avoid visiting many exchange offices.

Some banks can cooperate with your local banks based on special agreements. Then you can count on the system of quite inexpensive options for your remittances. The presence of the banking outlets or banking subsidiaries in your home country is an additional factor of reliability and a possibility to use banking services both abroad and at home.

Customer service

Be up-to-date with the latest financial news, read the expert’s advises, and trust your intuition when dealing with your bank. Remember that any latest technology or availability of the well-developed international branch network can guarantee a 100% assurance in safety and reliability of the financial institution. Besides, there is a factor of unresponsive bank representatives, slow transaction, poor attitude, etc. which you shall consider when choosing a bank.

Never hesitate to reconsider your decision if you face any unpleasant situations during the initial stages of opening your account. Banks are interested in getting your business, and you can demand the highest servicing. Do not hope that the problem occurred at once will happen no more. Our world has an abundance of the numerous banks and financial institutions, and you deserve the best.