- Perfect place for business – Dubai, UAE

Perfect place for business – Dubai, UAE

Perfect place for business – Dubai, UAE

Dubai is well known for its fast developing economy and very attractive business environment. Thanks to differentiated approach the UAE economy is well diversified, and for business it is the perfect place with the following sectors as the major economy elements:

  • Trade – retail as well as wholesale, export, import, re-export
  • Transportation – sea and air transport – cargo and passengers
  • Real estate – of all types – residential, commercial, retail
  • Production / manufacturing – a large number of goods and production for UAE and export
  • Financial sector – banking, investment services, asset management
  • Construction – as such as well as construction materials production
  • Tourism – which is well supported by large number of hotels and tourist attractions
  • Service sector – all related to business to business and business to consumer services

It is also greatly recognized and popular place for large holding companies and head offices of international corporations. A number of other types of business management is performed form here as well, for example commercial cargo vessels management, international logistics, etc.

The growth of economy together with the continual increase in the population and number of visitors are the strong support for the further country economic development. The attractiveness of the UAE as a business hub is clearly evidenced by the volume of foreign investments into the country.

Dubai as perfect place for business – reasons and facts

As according to the latest research and studies, Dubai is considered to be one of the best places in the world to do business. And its taxation regime is ranked to be the friendliest ones to business and residents of the country. This is combined with comparative ease of company set-up and obtaining of the permits and licenses. The costs of business premises are also highly competitive when matching with other large international business hubs.

In terms of time necessary to open a company in the UAE – it takes on average 1 to 3 weeks only – depending on the type of the company. And, once you have your company ready, you can get residential visas for your and other company shareholders as well as company’s employees.

When employing and registering employees of your UAE company, you are not bound to selection of local work force. You are entirely free to choose and invite your team members from abroad – from any country, and get rather fast employment visas for all of them.

When staring a business in a free trade zone you are totally exempted from export and import taxers as well as any customs duties on your machinery and equipment. And this is the great advantage, especially at the stage of the business start.

In terms of transportation – the UAE is one of the most developed transport hubs in the world means all the logistics mattes of your business are handled very fast and efficient. And this – in combination with highly favorable geographic location of the United Arab Emirates.

Along with the business environment all the social and other matters which are required for comfortable day-to-day life are perfectly organized. You have the abundance of all types of services you may require – medical, education, public transport, etc. And all this this – in combination with very high level of safety and high levels of income.

All the above is strongly supported by very solid and high quality banking services and governmental regulations and initiatives making Dubai, UAE the perfect place for business.

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