- Floating Islands in the UAE

Floating Islands in the UAE

Floating Islands in the UAE

Will floating islands soon become floating free trade zones?

Impressive, futuristic floating man-made islands in the UAE have been around for a while. The state has ambitious plans concerning their expansion and very soon we are to see many more water homes, villas, luxurious hotels and restaurants on the water with superb views.

However, the question experts are concerned with runs as follows: Are floating free trade zones going to be the next? Some of them believe that they definitely are. It is inevitable that the government will take initiatives in the direction of the larger-scale projects, such as floating free trade zones.

What has been done so far?

Various exclusive projects have already turned Dubai into of the most popular and sought-after tourist destinations. Further expansions of the projects will only strengthen its positions.

One of the first programs implemented on the water homes was performed in cooperation with the Netherlands. Several islands with more than 30 grand villas have been developed within its framework.

The next ambitious plan of the state was the construction of the so-called Floating Seahorse.

The project was announced in 2015 and villas are already under construction. These villas are truly unique, and one of a kind as all of them are comprised of three levels: One in the underwater level, one at sea level and one upper deck.

Another UAE floating homes project will be the first to have both boat and pedestrian access. This series of houses will be elaborated by the Finnish company chosen due to their use of brand-new techniques and modern technology.

Villas will be surrounded by gardens with pools, and the attach berth.

Free trade zones on water? A look into the future

As you can see, we are witnessing the continuous expansion of the floating property concept. Soon there will be whole clusters and residences on the water. Experts believe that the same technology can be applied to build floating communities that will contain parks, gardens, beaches, promenades and even residential housing at a cost-effective price. Experts also believe that entire free trade zones can also be placed on such floating islands.

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