- Dubai International Airport

Dubai International Airport

Dubai International Airport

“Dubai Airports. Connecting the world.” This slogan characterizes the main mission of the airport of Dubai as precisely as possible – it is to give everyone an opportunity to move around the world and to help businesses develop freely carrying out transportation all over the globe. Thanks to the International airport of Dubai, travelers can get to anywhere in the world within just 8 hours. It is the strategic site for the UAE providing both passenger and cargo transportation.

Dubai International Airport – Directions

You can get to the city from the airport of Dubai by taxi, metro or bus. All taxis serving passengers at the airport are part of the state structure. The main advantage of a taxi is that you can get anywhere you want at the time that suits you most of all. The trip to the city center will take from 13 to 15 minutes, while the fare is 1.96 ($0.53) dirhams per kilometer + another 25 ($6.81) dirhams for the service itself.

Buses stop in front of all three airport terminals. You must first purchase a Nol card to travel by bus. Please note that cash will not be accepted. There is also a free bus service between the terminals. As for the metro trains, they go every 10 minutes from terminals 1 and 3. The first train leaves at 5.50 in the morning, the last one at midnight. Please note that on Friday mornings metro trains do not start going until 1 p.m. Tickets can be purchased at the airport. The cost depends on how far you need to go.

Dubai International Airport is one of the key international airports in the UAE. It is the busiest airport in the world regarding passenger traffic. Dubai International Airport is extremely important for the development of the state’s economy, as it brings the country more than $ 26 billion annually. The airport employs about 90,000 people. It is expected that by 2020 the airport will continue to grow to create all new jobs. How did the airport in Dubai manage to become so successful?

History of Dubai International Airport

The history of the airport began in 1960. Since then, Dubai airport has continued to improve and grow. Permanent expansion of the airport has had a positive effect on the level of service delivery. Very soon an excellent restaurant and a transit hall opened on the territory of the airport, and then later, a moving sidewalk, Internet connection, a hotel, a business, health and medical center, currency exchange offices, a post office, and a prayer hall became important additions.

Currently, the airport is used by two main airlines of the country – Emirates, and flydubai. Dubai International Airport is a well-equipped world-class facility. There are a lot of shops and elite restaurants here, showers, a gym, a swimming pool, several excellent spa centers and two outdoor gardens for rest and meditation surrounded by the unique design of the airport. Passengers can fly to anywhere in the world from the Middle East to North America.

Dubai International Airport – Structure

Dubai International Airport consists of three terminals for passenger traffic. The airport can withstand traffic from 75 to 80 million passengers per year. A special terminal for cargo transportation called Cargo Mega Terminal is currently under construction. It is expected to be able to process at least 3 million tons of cargo per year. All works will be over by the end of 2018.

Dubai International Airport – What to Do

Dubai International Airport is a great place to shop. The total area of duty-free shops on the territory of Terminal 2 is 1400 m2. However, the area of duty-free trade is constantly increasing, and the profit from it is growing, too. The best world brands selling both everyday accessories and luxury items are at your disposal here. Superb lounge halls will give you an opportunity to relax under the most comfortable conditions. The recreation area includes several children's playgrounds and is equipped with TVs that broadcast movies and sports channels.

Security Issues on the Territory of Dubai International Airport

Safety rules applied on the territory of the airport are very strict. The first CCTV cameras were installed back in 1973. The airport is equipped with a retina scanning system and has a special technique for detecting weapons. There is also a special device capable of identifying drugs in the passengers’ blood. There is a very severe punishment for the possession and distribution of drugs in the UAE.