- Tax consulting / advice in UAE – Dubai as well as other Emirates.

Tax consulting / advice in UAE – Dubai as well as other Emirates.

Tax consulting / advice in UAE – Dubai as well as other Emirates.

United Arab Emirates provide great environment for completely countless business types and companies domiciliation whereby a business itself can be inside the UAE as well as abroad – virtually in any country of the globe. Considering the unique taxation system of UAE, experts are of the clear opinion that it provides a number of benefits from taxation standpoint as well as from other assessment aspects.

Like any other country, UAE has its own specifics, thus the professional tax consulting / advice on the UAE corporate solutions and various taxation incentives is something which can give you clear benefits.

If you plan to utilize Dubai or other Emirate of the UAE, as the domicile for your company or as the place of your private permanent residency, you shall be infirmed on all the central points which are to be well thought-out. For this purpose a professional tax advice is inevitable. You need to know all essential elements of taxation of UAE as well as how the UAE companies are treated outside of UAE. A decision which is made without a necessary research and advice from professionals can cost a lot of money. For example, if you fail to check in advance what is required for a company to be qualified as the UAE tax resident, you may face in the future clear complications.

Unfortunately, from our experience, a number of professional market players in UAE who provide corporate services to not deliver their customers clear advice on taxation, especially when it refers inter-countries regulations and taxation planning and regulations.

Expats who reside in the UAE must also be well mindful of taxation regulations in their home country. For example, you shall be properly informed not only on the maximum number of days you can stay in your home country per year in order not to become tax resident, but also be informed on other factors which may be as well considered within definition of your country of tax residency. For example, when getting a tax consulting in UAE, very few consultants would mention that you have to receive complete overview in your home country on the additional “ties” to your home country which may be considered sufficient to become taxed there.

For example, even if you spend most of the time in Dubai, UAE, but your family - wife and children - live in your home country – most likely you would be liable to pay tax in your home country. There are also other factors which can be considered as the tie to your home country – your vacant property in your home country which you can potentially use at any given pint of time, health insurance, and a number of other points.

When speaking about tax advisory for corporate entities in UAE, you shall be aware of the real presence of the company in UAE means real office and employees as well as you shall be able to demonstrate that the place of factual management of the company is UAE as well.

As you can see, when thinking of UAE as the place to set up business or making it as the place of permanent residency, you really need to possess the complete info and advice on the main points to be taken under consideration. We have the team of multi-national professional consultants who can deliver you the entire range of tax planning / consulting – from the simple tasks of setting small business or getting a personal domicile in UAE to moving the large production cycles of your business to the UAE.