- Dubai – great place for raising family

Dubai – great place for raising family

Dubai – great place for raising family

Dubai is undoubtedly the most attractive jurisdiction for carrying on business activities and handling financial issues. There are practically no competitors to it regarding offering a unique tax-free regime and business-friendly environment.

However, financial advantages cannot be the only decisive points when it comes to the question of moving your family abroad. So, what can be said regarding the general quality of life in the country and social comfort for your relatives in particular?

Recently, a survey has been conducted to estimate the attitude of the Dubai residents towards the current living conditions.

The survey has covered such crucial aspects as health and safety, attitude towards foreigners, availability of the necessary infrastructure, etc.

The obtained results are even better than projected.

An overwhelming 94 percent of respondents said that they feel completely safe in the country and are happy with their choice of Dubai as the place for raising family. Night walks, which may be associated with certain risks in other countries, pose no safety risks in the Dubai.

Tolerant attitude is another significant consideration where 92 percent indicated the prevalence of the positive environment in the Dubai. It is very important that expats and tourists are treated with the same respect as the local population.

Dubai has established as the place with the most advanced system of providing medical services. Hundreds of international and local hospitals with up-to-date technologies and highly qualified specialists are ready to provide timely and qualitative medical assistance.

The last but not the least point is the availability of the entire necessary infrastructure for living a comfortable and busy life. Dubai offers all kinds of facilities for physical, educational and social development. Besides, the country is the major international transport hub, which provides land, sea and air transport connection. There is also a well-developed inland traffic network.

All the above-mentioned facts prove that the Dubai is a favourable place for raising family. And many of those who come to Dubai say that they plan to stay here for a very long time.

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