- Dubai popularity for expats

Dubai popularity for expats

Dubai popularity for expats

The city of Dubai, and the etire UAE as the country,is quite popular among expats, and that is not surprising, as there is a number of favorable factors which make this country desirable and attractive for foreign investors and specialists. Numbers speak for themselves – over 85% of UAE residents are not the citizens of the country. No doubt, the city of Dubai is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world, on a par with such cities as New York, Tokyo, London, and Paris.

Dubai attractiveness for expats

Considering the attractiveness of a city and a country as a whole, a specialist takes into account some important factors, and they are:

1. Salary

Surely, a salary is one of the most important factors, maybe even the most important one. The salaries level of Dubai is quite high when compared with other countries.

2. Social life

This factor is connected both with the previous one and with an infrastructure of the country. More than 50% of Dubai expats say that their social life is more eventful and busy, compared to that of their native country. Dubai has this factor better than that of such famous cities like New York, Los Angeles London, Paris, and London.

3. Security

This is also one of the most important factors of the country attractiveness to expats_ especially with family and kids. Dubai traditionally takes the leading place when taking a look at this factor, especially compared to such cities, as London and New York. The last survey showed that more than three fourth of Dubai expats feel safer here, than in their own country, besides the majority of expats say, they would recommend Dubai for its safety and security.

4. Climate and environment

Of course, this factor is not so important as the previous one, but the harsh climate and bad ecology do not attract people. As for Dubai, and the UAE as a whole, there is summer here all year round, tourists come to its sea-resorts, you will see no gray sky, as in London. You can even go skiing in the UAE, in one of the artificial ski tracks.

In total, four cities in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), were rated among the top 20 cities for expats to work and to live, including Dubai and Abu Dhabi, according to the ranking of InterNations (an expatriate community of 2.8 million people).

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