- Appointment or change of RAK ICC Offshore Company Registered Agent

Appointment or change of RAK ICC Offshore Company Registered Agent

Appointment or change of RAK ICC Offshore Company Registered Agent

Each RAK ICC (Formerly IBC) offshore company must have its Registered Agent. The appointment of the first Agent is done within the incorporation process of your Ras Al Khaimah company.

Once appointed, he becomes your UAE’s company’s authorized representative on all the matters related to the company administration such as its renewal, keeping and updating /changing records, etc. Thus the professional Registered Agent qualifications and service standards become highly important for the efficiency of company’s operations.

If you are fully satisfied with your exiting one, there, is no point to change it. However, you may also face some difficulties with your existing agent such as, for example:

  • Non-provision to you of the timely notifications on your company renewal due dates.
  • Ineffective and imprecise execution of the works related to your company’s administration – delays and errors in documents, etc.
  • The missing level of support on various administration matters– legal issues, support on bank accounts operations, etc.
  • Difficulties and delays in communication with the agent – written as well as over the phone.
  • Overpriced services with no respective service quality being delivered.

There may also be the cases when Agents stop its business operations due to its license being withdrawn / stopped by the RAK regulatory authority. We need to note that lately there are a number of such cases as the RAK ICC registry is going over the revision of the list of the registered agents and withdrawing the licenses of some of them who do not duly comply with the latestRas Al Khaimah UAE registry requirements and regulations.

All the points above can become the reason for the change / appointment of the new company as the Registered Agent of your RAK ICC (formerly IBC) offshore company.

Choosing the new Agent to be appointed as your new RAK ICC company registered agent

When making your decision on which company to choose for the new appointment, you shall evaluate the company’s pricing, professional qualifications, availability of qualified personnel, the number of companies over administration and infrastructure and the overall level of support.

All these services are perfectly delivered by our company for very completive prices. We would be glad to answer all your questions on why you shall make your choice in favor of our company as your new Registered Agent as well as to see you in our office in Dubai, the UAE.

Important note – to transfer your company to us you need to receive only the NOC from your existing agent. All the rest of the transfer is handled by us.

Top 5 Most Common Questions on Registered Agent change

  • Do I have to renew my company before moving to a new agent?
  • Can Exiting Agent stop me from moving to the new one and what are the costs?
  • I have RAK Offshore company, and the new one is the in charge of RAK ICC companies.
  • Does such change have any risks for company’s operations?
  • How long it takes to proceed with the change?
  • The answer to question one is that you need to renew your company in Ras Al Khaimah with the existing one if the remaining validity (date until the next renewal) o your company is six month or less. In other cases, you can change your agent first and then - renew your company with the new agent.
  • On the question two – the answer is no. The only prerequisite which you need to fulfill is to receive the NOC from your existing agent for the appointment of a new one. Such NOC is issued by your existing agent for a fee which is regularly approximately AED 1.600,-. On the costs which the new agent charges to transfer company to him – in case you choose our company – we cover all these costs for you means there would be no other charges.
  • For the agents of RAK Offshore companies – this type of companies ceases to exist, and all legal entities in the status of RAK offshore are to be transferred within the year 2017 into the RAK ICC companies. Means, to be able to overtake your company, it needs to be registered with RAK ICC.
  • The change of the agent does not affect regular activities of the company. And the transfer of your legal entity to the new agent you do for a reason. Means the servicing and operations of your company with the agent change would become better and more effective.
  • The entire procedure of agent change takes on average two to three weeks.

Once you have finalized the RAK ICC (former IBC) offshore company transfer and appoint us as your new agent, you can enjoy all its benefits of your legal entity in Ras Al Khaimah in terms of its advantages for doing international business. And our company, as your new agent in Dubai, the UAE, would handle all the administration matters for you.