- Free Trade Zones in Dubai - a successful model, attracting international business

Free Trade Zones in Dubai - a successful model, attracting international business.

Free Trade Zones in  Dubai - a successful model, attracting international business. Dubai, in fact, has recently become synonymous with the term of “Free Trade Zones“. Absolutely all Emirates of the UAE followed the path of Dubai setting up their own free trade zones as well.

However, none of the Emirates is so strongly associated with the concept and the advantages of Free Trade Zones, like Dubai. When people talk in Dubai about FTZ, in most cases they mean exactly Dubai and its Free Trade Zones.

The scale and infrastructure of FTZ in Dubai are the reason way thousands of companies made Dubai their base for doing business. The business areas of these companies are the most diverse and cover virtually every sector of the economy - manufacturing, media, banks and financial companies, logistics and transport services, trade, head offices of international holdings, electronics, building materials, energy, etc.

The main advantages of the Free Trade Zones are evident – possibility of full foreign ownership, full exemption from taxes and customs duties and absence of restrictions / quotas on employing by FTZ companies of foreign labor force, attracted by such companies from abroad. It is necessary to note that there are no such restrictions regardless of the qualifications of foreign labour force - whether senior management, middle management or main personnel.

In its turn, these free trade zones allow the economy of Dubai organically develop without distortions in one or another sector. The free trade zones in Dubai directly expand themselves as well – the infrastructure expands and improves, new opportunities arise to obtain possible permits, new business development opportunities open up in individual areas - education, medicine, etc.

Since premises in the free trade zones in Dubai are in high demand, the main and most popular premises therein, despite of the constant development, are not sufficient. This applies to virtually any types of premises - offices, warehouses and manufacturing premises as well as logistics and accommodation premises for workers.

Dubai took strong positions in the ability to provide extremely advantageous and attractive business opportunities and continues to systematically develop the entire infrastructure and, most importantly, the legislative framework.

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