- New Year’s Celebration in Dubai, the UAE

New Year’s Celebration in Dubai, the UAE

New Year’s Celebration in Dubai, the UAE

For many of us the New year is not only a fabulous winter holiday, but also a time to summarize everything at a certain point of life. That is why the widespread opinion – the better you enjoy yourself at a New Year party the luckier will be the year to come – acquires its special value. No wonder that everyone is after the New Year miracles and positive feelings. To make a New Year a real celebration and remember it for years to come one should not resort to sorcery or magic, but celebrate it in Dubai. You may be sure, that a New Year’s celebration in Dubai is a memorable, and above all, a really festive event.

Before the New Year’s celebrations, this modern megalopolis welcomes its guests with shining garlands and myriads of fairy lights – these are numerous incredible fireworks, the ocean of positive emotions and happy smiles. Notwithstanding the fact that New Year in Dubai brings up a little association with snowdrifts, people there make rather serious preparations. On the eve of the holiday, different malls and shopping centers offer a great variety of gifts. Holiday discounts are also a nice addition to it.

In anticipation of a huge customer demand, the shopping malls arrange fantastic sales, attracting millions of buyers. Adults and children, the high net-worth and people with average incomes - everyone can find exactly what he or she wants.

For some people New Year is seen as a holiday of a traditional New Year party celebrated in a close family circle. The broad-minded younger people prefer to enjoy themselves in different nightclubs and bars. Dubai is ready to offer a holiday meeting every wish.

1. Holiday Dinner in Dubai, the UAE

If you intend to make a grand New Year dinner, the Dubai megalopolis is the best place for it. All the restaurants and hotel resorts, without an exception, are at your service. A New Year dinner in Dubai is a luxurious setting, festive table and impeccable service. A magnificent show with its professional entertainers will pleasure you and give plenty of positive emotions.

2. New Year Party in Dubai, the UAE

For those who prefer to celebrate a New Year in the nightclubs and bars, Dubai will give an unforgettable experience. You can be a guest of striking beach parties in Dubai or visit any nightclub where the world’s most famous DJs will play for you. An easy holiday atmosphere and energetic dancing are available abundantly for you. Such a holiday is difficult to forget!

3. Holiday Cruises in Dubai, the UAE

If you are interested in the possibility of enjoying an alternative holiday, go on a New Year gulf cruise.

If you want to impress your friends and give them a real holiday, you can charter a yacht. Nothing can be better, than a great and noisy party on board of a boat or yacht.

Believe us, here you will find an offer to fit any taste and budget.

4. New Year Firework in Dubai, the UAE

On the New Year's Eve each of the most famous places of interest in Dubai attracts tourists with its incredible fireworks. It should be noted that due to these fireworks, the Dubai megalopolis has been registered in the Guinness Book of World Records. You can see the myriads of lights without leaving your hotel complex, or to go directly to the place of event. New Year’s celebration is hard to image without colorful fireworks, so do not miss the opportunity to take part in the next world record.

In conclusion, we can give you an  advice. If you want to give yourself and your family a real New Year fairytale, be ready to do it in advance. Remember, tables in the restaurants and hotel rooms in the best hotels in Dubai, are in an incredible demand, especially on the eve of New Year holidays.