- Investment company in Dubai, the UAE. Available business activities and registration.

Investment company in Dubai, the UAE. Available business activities and registration.

Investment company in Dubai,  the UAE. Available business activities and registrationIt is possible to incorporate various types of companies In Dubai, the United Arab Emirates.

This country is an attractive hub for businesses and businessmen from very different countries. One of the advantages of the UAE is the possibility of registering various types of companies which may opt for tax exemptions.

The investment activity is one of the favorable activities’ types in UAE, whereby there is a number of company types for this particular business activity. For example, in case of investment into real property in Dubai requiring incorporation of the company, an investment company can be incorporated in order to purchase and manage real property in the FTZ Jebel Ali.

If investments are related to foreign investments or if a company shall become a shareholder of a UAE onshore company - for such purposes a company designed for international trade and investments, registered in the free trade zone of the Emirate Ras Al Khaimah would be an ideal solution.

If, however, an investment company is required for third parties’ assets management, for example, a management company, fund, insurance or reinsurance company - for such purposes there are excellent opportunities in Dubai International Financial Centre, where it is possible to register almost any type of investment company including a company with the license for banking activity.

In the light of the aforesaid it is possible to incorporate any type of investment companies in the Emirates. Accordingly, all of the aforesaid companies enjoy a number of tax exemptions and preferences.

Which company should be registered and how to determine its type? This depends on a range of factors - type of investment, country of investment, required licenses, whether or not the assets of third parties are managed, or only assets of the company of individual are managed.

In conclusion, there are various types of investment companies having different objectives which may be incorporated in the UAE:

  • Investment of own funds in various securities in the UAE and abroad.
  • Management of family assets.
  • Investments into real property in the UAE and abroad.
  • Investments into other companies and purchase of shares in other companies in the UAE and abroad.
  • Investment company for raising funds by investors
  • Company engaged in insurance and reinsurance activities.
  • Formation of investments schemes in the UAE and abroad.

Procedures, requirements and filing fees of an investment company depend on its type. Do not hesitate to contact us if you need information regarding incorporation of the company meeting your requirements. We are ready to provide all relevant information.