- Advantages and disadvantages of moving to Dubai, the UAE

Advantages and disadvantages of moving to Dubai, the UAE

Advantages and disadvantages of  moving to Dubai, the UAE

The Emirate of Dubai, the UAE, is undoubtedly one of the most attractive places for living and doing business. It is the place where you can gain a unique experience. However, the way of life here differs from the one in many other countries. Therefore one, when moving to Dubai, should take into account the cultural specifics of the United Arab Emirates in general and Dubai in particular.

The United Arab Emirates is a Muslim country with strict rules of behaviour and established ethics codes. The Islamic religion, being an official one, has a powerful influence on all the aspects of everyday life. At the same time, there is no prohibition on other religions. Every Muslim prays five times a day. Praying is allowed both in public and in specially designed places. Women and old people are deeply respected. It is advisable to avoid talking to the other sex, especially if you are strangers.

Both English and Arabic are widely spoken in the UAE, so you will face no difficulties when talking to locals. Besides, you will be pleased with friendly and open people who are always ready to help you if required. Moving to Dubai – extremely international city - is also the great opportunity to make friends and establish reliable business contacts with people from all over the world.

The UAE offers a variety of residential premises for all tastes and demands which you can choose when moving to Dubai. Such areas as Palm Jumeirah and Dubai Marina are popular among the expats, while Deira and Barsha are considered to be more traditional. In addition, there are numerous outer communities featuring modern residential towers and luxury villas available for rent. Green Community, Arabian Ranches, Sports City and other communities provide the most advanced infrastructure and high-quality living conditions.

When talking on rental terms, the applicable regulation requires the advanced payment of rental fees – quarterly, each 6 month or one time a year.

The Emirate Dubai has a well-developed system of public transport. When you moved to Dubai there is no necessity to worry about how to get to some places if you do not know the public transportation route — not expensive and comfortable taxis will deliver you to the place of destination. City Metro is the most affordable and fast way to get around the city. Besides, there is the efficient system of feeder buses that operate at every metro station. As to the frequent air travels, availability of a residence visa gives an opportunity to obtain an E-Pass that will make passport control process easier and faster.

Sometimes foreigners who moved to Dubai may face difficulties with driving their own cars in Dubai, as most streets do not have names, and directions are given in landmarks. Besides, the traffic is usually fast and intensive. But with the time such discomfort disappears.

There will be no discomfort getting used to unfamiliar meals of the UAE as there is an overabundance of restaurants serving various food and drinks of almost all the world's greatest cuisines. For the daily life there are all the necessary facilities and services: laundry, dry cleaning, health services, technical services, etc. The healthcare system is represented by both local and international hospitals. There is also a variety of alternative medicines. Numerous large-scale entertainment events and parties will break the uniformity of your life.

The Emirate of Dubai is characterized by fast-growing economy. The industry of the UAE undergoes the continuous process of development and expansion. Nonetheless, as of today, the young country has to import great percentage of goods and products.

The Government of the Unites Arab Emirates aims at creating the most attractive conditions for foreign investors who decide to move to Dubai. For this purpose, numerous Free Trade Zones, each specializing in a particular industry segment, are established on the territory of the UAE. These FTZs offer the tax-free business-friendly environment for all new businesses that are starting up in the UAE.

Thus, Dubai, being an international city, provides all the necessary infrastructure and services for comfortable living, working and doing business.